View Full Version : Normalized Voice Command Sound Files for Day of Defeat

01-24-2012, 10:08 PM
Something y'all might be interested in...

This came about because I always thought some of the Day of Defeat voice commands sounded farily unbalanced and too low in volume (compared to other voice commands as heard within the game). So, I used Cool Edit Pro to amplify them a bit, and then normalize them all.

From the included readme:

The files included in this archive are a complete set of replacement voice command sound files for Day of Defeat that have been normalized in volume.

All of the included "WAV" format files have been amplified and normalized to 60%, which helps balance out the overall volume of all of the voice commands as heard within the game.

Anyhow, files are here:

In this directory -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.com/snor/weeds/Day_of_Defeat/Game_Fixes_and_Patches/

Readme -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.com/snor/weeds/Day_of_Defeat/Game_Fixes_and_Patches/Day_of_Defeat_Normalized_Voice_Command_Sound_Files .txt

ZIP -> http://jasonwilliams400com.startlogic.com/snor/weeds/Day_of_Defeat/Game_Fixes_and_Patches/Day_of_Defeat_Normalized_Voice_Command_Sound_Files .zip