View Full Version : Nikned Map Pack 5.2.1

01-25-2012, 10:01 AM
i fixed some problem on the structure of map pack 5.2, and i have update and added some new maps.

-TemplaGXT maps update + refix structure
added the last stand final

-fixed trig0r0s and Tjdagger maps and structure, you have to remove all maps before install this new map pack 5.2.1

-readme folder is now zipped and archived for less bug during the load of game.

-added and fixed some other maps

-re-add SLT 1.67

-added new version of Zero-company

-new sar Worm

-New Cuts Firefights 1.7 :
"I added 2 more missions(Dusty and Hamburger Hell).
I also patched a few, so all of my missions now work in V1.03 & V1.02 running V1.03 mods(like my server).
Enjoy and report any bugs at http://www.nikned.it/bank.html"


cause too bugs, low quality, cheater maps i have removed addons folder, all maps of pasharon.
i have to check the best and the cheaters maps .... if i find something of good i will restore it on next map pack.

Special thanks to -=DAWN=- for him help.