View Full Version : Impressions of SOL: Exodus

01-26-2012, 06:01 AM
Info: I didnt complete this game yet so informations may be inaccurate.

I did buy SOL: Exodus without expectations so i got a pretty good arcade shooter for 10$/10Eur/7 Pounds.
But if you're expecting a simulation or even a simulation-like experience, you're maybe better with Everchron Mercenary or Discovery mod for Freelancer.

Definetly a good point about this game is the clear interface, decent graphics (for an indie game) and great voice acting. Even the story scenario is good in my opinion.

Bad points are the definetly far to low fow (about 50 or 60) so you're 'searching' a lot. Especially because the radar is just 2D. If you have a mission where you have to protect the ship from drill pods, you're spending a long time flying arround the ship and search for the pods while your motherships health goes low.

The mission design is ok but mostly it's like arrival->enemy trap (who did expect that?)->your mothership is completly useless and helpless so you have to defend it -> defend a transport -> enemy mothership appears -> hack ship -> end

Also the ship upgrade is kinda boring i mean...more missiles, more armor or more thrusters. That's it.

So it's not really the "a new beginning for the game type" like they write on theyr homepage. But still an awesome work from a six-man crew. Great arcade shooter but sadly no successor of Freespace or Wing Commander. Long way to go ;)