View Full Version : [Suggestions] General impressions and suggestions

01-28-2012, 09:02 AM
I'm using an HTC Desire with Android 2.2

I'll try to not overlap existent topics as much as I can.

Generally speaking the app run very smooth, it is responsive and solid.

So my suggestions:

I'm not seeing my library on the mobile version, it's me or there is a way to see it? I'll find it very usefull to see what games I have on Steam, and eventually remote-command the desktop version to install a game without using teamviewer or so.
Option to show notifications for new offers: today I'm using my rss reader to notify me with on Android notification bar when a new Steam offer is out. It'll be great thing to have this on the Steam App (disactivable of course) along whit the other Steam related services.
Option to NOT show notification bar icon when the client is open: notification bar can get very crowded at times, so the Steam icon (nice as it is) can be one too much. Especially when I've activated background notification so Steam can always pop an icon as for chat messages (or new offers :D ) if it need to say me something, so it's like it's open even if it is not. In this scenario what's the meaning to have the icon fixed on the notification bar?
Long press menu on games/offers to share via Android share-to menu (and a self-made equivalent on iOs), usefull to share on socials/mail/other apps, save to favorites, add to wishlist, other
Open links when I tap on them in a chat session: Actually I've to long-press + open browser + paste from clipboard...
Chat session switch: most im apps use swype to left or right to switch between chat session, it's much faster to do.

Just my two cents. Sorry for the english: it's not my first language.