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01-30-2012, 03:26 PM
Okay so the title of this thread may seem like a troll in itself but let me explain some things.

I've always thought any of the CoD games could at least OFFER a mode that wasn't full of troll. It shouldn't have to come to that though.

CoD games & engines (w/out all the troll add-ons that enable troll players) have always been quite good.

COD4 was great... except for some things.

I want a hand to hand combat game that doesn't have troll built into it. I want realism, but not off the chart extreme realism. It has to still maintain a (reasonable) amount of "arcadism"

The CoD games seem to just take arcade to a more extreme each new version.

*^* The CoD series seems to increasingly become a 5 second attention span fantasy. It's so far from real it's just stupid. The models, skins & combat depicting maps are more of an insult. You could aesthetically re-skin this game to look as something completely opposite and no one would know otherwise. *^*

There's several obvious things about the CoD games that either conflict with realism or do nothing other than feed trolling:

1. Radar
2. All AI controlled garbage (Helicopters, Dogs)
3. Ridiculous knifing abilities.
4. Broken ♥♥♥ prone
5. Bunny Hopping
6. Unrealistic Health/Damage
7. Small/Maps
8. Lobby/Match Making

Addressing each numbered item individually:

1. (Radar) The radar still does nothing for me. I think it's stupid to think that seeing an enemies location, pretty much at all times, depicts anything other than a wet dream. This heavily damages independent strategy.

2. (AI crap) This might be the biggest annoying joke of all. If you look into gaming history you will find that AI controlled combat is notoriously unrealistic no matter HOW it's done. I can honestly say I've never played against (or with) a bot that could possibly be mistaken for a human. There's a reason i'm playing online & it isn't for this ♥♥♥♥. I can entertain certain AI assisted weapons, in theory, but fully autonomous machines running around killing people is absolutely ridiculous.

3. (Knifing) Wow, welcome to 1999 all over again. Where as some dev's/companies actually listened to their customers (over a decade ago) in regards to magician-like knifing ability somehow this prehistoric action lives on in a modern game (puke)

4. (Prone) Because we didn't need that anyways right? This has been slightly improved... let's face it this is a huge joke. They might as well take it out completely. It's also exceedingly obvious it's not a priority. Outside of how broken it is, it's (of course) conveniently functional for trolling.

5. (Bunny Hopping) Refer to #3^. Just like Mario Brothers why not just jump over the top of what's coming at you? Why not use your jumping ability (w/~200lb of equip) as a combat skill.. right?

6. (Health/Damage) Some people really don't like one shot one kill, two shot, three shot? four?? really? Again, ridiculous. There is a problem with this in 2 parts: (1) It doesn't (actually, as in reality) take 2-3+ shots to kill some one & (2) People shot 3 times don't just run away. Yes believe it or not, running away after being shot 2-3+ times doesn't depict reality. The lack of character stall is just insulting.

7. (Map sizes) (1) Why not have 4 small maps & 4 large maps? Why not have 4 small maps & 3 large maps? Why not have 4 small maps & 2 large maps? Oh ♥♥♥♥ it let's just have *4 small maps*. That's the idiot mentality of the CoD series. On any given map, you are no more than ~15 seconds away from the complete opposite side. Gah. (2) There is pretty much absolutely nothing interactive about CoD maps. Almost nothing to crawl under, get on top of or climb. It's stupid how many corners or objects are just blocked off. These choices reflect a cheap-♥♥♥ attitude of map creation.

8. (Lobbies/MM) What could i say that hasn't already been said? MW2 was somehow not a lesson on how to perpetuate garbage. This unwanted legacy continues. I know i'm not alone when i say, i sometimes fire up the game, i immediately deal with lobby specific problems then I just say "♥♥♥♥ it" and quit. In MW2 more often than not i find nothing (thx btw) - Stop forcing this unwanted trash down our throats. There's a lot more to be said about lack of server/match management, custom modes/games/content etc etc. all of which have been said before. People HATE this crap for a reason. Go right ahead and continue to **** us off.


There's a lot of other BS i could've listed but i'm not saying it all HAS to go.

When you keep adding more and more and more unrealistic characteristics to a "combat" game it becomes.. that much more of a fantasy. Is complete fantasy really the goal of a game like this?

*^* I think having kids play a game that "looks" like modern combat but feels/acts like a fantasy is just crude. When a power-house makes a combat game why can't it be just that? Why are they so shallow to think they must force shiny objects down everyone's throat? *^*


01-31-2012, 04:22 PM
just because the forum says Call of duty ... doesnt mean its the forum for all CoD titles... This forum is for Call of duty 1 not CoD4 and up...

02-02-2012, 08:38 AM
yea thats what i thought you posted in the wrong forum fool ...

also Bc2 had a OHK knife...

02-15-2012, 11:41 AM
troll post made for trolls... derp...

06-20-2012, 03:32 AM
My opinion is that this is an arcade game,made for being arcade,not realistic.Okay,it has no cartoony graphics like TF2 but if you want realism go play Arma 2.Not even Battlefield 3,that's not realistic either.This answers to problem 1,2,3,6.

About the prone,it's necessary,you know taking cover is necessary in veteran mode.

Bunny hopping,You are right.About small maps,you dont want to get lost while playing arcade games,do you? And about problem 8,there's nothing we can do.

Anyway,wrong section.