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02-01-2012, 12:58 PM
For me, this was easily the most dramatic and memorable battle in the entire game, possibly in the entire Gundemonium Collection. It's a difficult battle even on euridice supported by Woofle's incredible arrange booming all throughout the fight, but the greatest part of it was the surprise of finding out the one behind all of these battles and Rosa's hardships was none other than her mysterious, but supportive "friend," Kreutzer.

After such an incredible fight, I was left feeling surprisingly down afterwards. Rosa had killed her friend who gave her the power to avenge her family's death; whether it was out of self defense, cold blood or maybe even both, she took Kreutzer's life. What makes it all the more surprising was that in her dying words, Kreutzer feels no hatred towards Rosa, but seemingly a sense of calming and gratefulness from her final "thank you" and "good-bye."

As the credits rolled, I couldn't help but wonder "Why? Why would she put Rosa through such hardships?" I haven't seen it stated in the game, but eventually I did come up with a theory that possibly explains why she did what she did:

Through her unrivaled knowledge in universal science and alchemy, Empress Kreutzer Wilhelm XII lead the Genoremasody Reich to ultimate power, allowing it to take full control over East Prussia. The destruction and chaos it spread made people fear the great super power and surrender to it, lest they wish to provoke more harm upon themselves. It was then when Kreutzer realized that the Genoremasody Reich may have become too powerful for anyone to stop and could soon destroy everything on the planet. With the guilt only rising, Kreutzer came to the decision that she would have to stop it, but she could not do so by herself.

Not exactly, at least. She herself had to continue running the empire, but an exact replica of herself would be able to easily search the land for someone who possessed the courage to fight back. Enter Rosa, one of the Genoremasody Reich's many victims who were struggling to survive after their mechanized onslaught. Unlike the other victims, Rosa possessed the powerful ability to control and synchronize with any artificial humanoid she encounters. She was exactly who Kreutzer was looking for.

Replica Kreutzer, with her portion of the true Kreutzer's power, created the deceptively cute dolls that Rosa familiarized herself with and learned to control. Once she had attained enough practice, it was time to put her to the test.

Rosa did battle with the progressively harder waves of mechs and robots True Kreutzer sent out and rose the victor each time. Things were going precisely as planned, and with enough experience from the first 4 stages of the game, it was time to take things to the next level.

While Rosa was taking on the waves of enemies lead by Atlantis, true Kreutzer sent a small unit to kill her replica, drawing Rosa back to check on her "friend." Seeing Replica Kreutzer's corpse lie on the ground beside her burning workshop sent Rosa into a blind rage as she and her dolls destroyed Shangri-La and set her eyes on Wilhelmgrob.

Rosa and her dolls blasted their way through the relentless return-fire from the empire and defeated the creation Rosa initially thought to be the true villain. With the entirety of her empire destroyed, True Kreutzer revealed herself and her true identity to Rosa, who at this point was very unsure of what was going on. As Rosa's final opponent, True Kreutzer initiated the duel to the death that would determine whether the Genoremasody Reich would be truly destroyed or simply rebuilt on top of its ashes.

Here, Kreutzer demonstrated that she too can control the very same dolls Rosa uses, more so than her replica let on in the beginning of the story. However the battle was not won once she lost all of her dolls; instead Kreutzer unleashed all of her power in a relentless assault of bullets and countless Leaf dolls charged to explode.

As her last stand, Kreutzer's final attack pattern had her surrounded by circles of bullets while the one around her had an intentionally wide opening for Rosa to deliver the final blow with everything she had.

And Rosa delivered.

With her seemingly unstoppable empire crumbled beneath her, Kreutzer looked up at her "friend" one final time. The crimes her empire committed were unforgivable, but the deception and distraught she brought on the unsuspecting Rosa was worse. Sure, she helped the girl avenge her family and the families of many others, but that didn't make Kreutzer's actions excusable. As such, she spared herself the waste of breath that would be an apology and instead thanked Rosa for bringing an end to the Reich's tyranny and for being the closest thing to a friend Kreutzer ever had. With her final good-bye and her plan successful, Kreutzer openly welcomed her death, leaving her only friend to decide for herself how she would spend the rest of her life.

And that is my theory behind Kreutzer and the motivation that drove her forward. I don't view her as a tyrannical ruler one might expect, but a victim of her own genius who had no other means of escape. I thank everyone who took the time to read this, Platine Dispositif for making such an incredible game and Rockin' Android for bringing over such genius to the states. ;)

02-03-2012, 06:43 PM

10/10 for writing flair. Puts my reviews to shame.

02-03-2012, 09:32 PM
Heh, thanks! I really appreciate that. It was something I thought about for a while, but put together in an hour or two. ^^

I'd love to read your reviews, though; I like reading others' opinions on things.