View Full Version : Forcing Anti-Aliasing through the drivers

02-07-2012, 06:24 PM
A while ago someone noted that Sonic 4 Episode 1 used 1280x720 as its internal resolution, and all higher resolutions were just upscales. I found out that forcing anti-aliasing through the drivers works only at that resolution for S4 Ep1 (1280x720, apparently only works for AMD/ATI graphics cards).

That made me wonder if the Dreamcast Collection games suffer from a similar issue, so I tried to force anti-aliasing in the AMD/ATI graphics drivers to see if it worked at any resolution, it works at the resolution 640x480, but it doesn't work at any other resolutions.

I only tried on Sonic Adventure DX, I don't have any of the other Dreamcast Collection games. Also, it's possible this might work only with AMD/ATI graphics cards, if it's like Sonic 4 Episode 1, this won't work with Nvidia graphics cards.

Here are 2 comparison pictures.

No Anti-aliasing:

8x Anti-Aliasing (with the Edge-Detect filter) + 16x Anisotropic Filtering: