View Full Version : Suggestion for another mode

02-08-2012, 04:00 PM
I'd really love to see a mode that plays similarly to Every Extend Extra Extreme (Also known as E4 for short).

For those unfamiliar with that game, it's something like Rush mode crossed with Bombing Run mode.
In E4, you have limited time, which is increased by powerups that destoryed enemies drop, and you have no weapons except the ability to explode your ship, killing enemies caught in the blast.
Every time an enemy dies it causes an small explosion, and enemies caught in that explosion also explode, causing chain reactions.

To implement a similar mode in Waves without too much reworking of the gameplay mechanics, you could base it on Rush mode, keeping the level up time extension mechanic from that, but just disable shooting, reduce the bomb's radius but make it available without having to reach x10 combo, make all enemies explsive like the orange hexes, and make it so that after setting off a bomb you have to either wait until the explosion chain has finished, or press a button to cancel the explosion chain before awarding the player another bomb.

E4 is one of my favourite games of this genre, but sadly it's only available on the 360. I'd really love to see something similar in a PC game.
(Yes, I know the original Every Extend is available for PC, but it just isn't as fun and engaging as either E4 or Waves.)