View Full Version : Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire for 2.99

02-10-2012, 10:36 AM
GOG.com has JA2: Wildfire for 2.99


02-10-2012, 11:51 AM
Wildfire is pretty damn brutal though. It's a nice challenge for someone that has beaten original JA2 a few times but I wouldn't recommend it to someone new

02-10-2012, 11:55 AM
I never tried it although I played JA2 lots of times. What's so brutal about it?

02-10-2012, 08:56 PM
Sweet. Only one I haven't played. Buying this tomorrow.

02-10-2012, 10:08 PM
I never tried it although I played JA2 lots of times. What's so brutal about it?

Was a while since I played it myself but from what I remember the enemies are a lot more powerful, they get better gear faster and have more stats. The enemies are also more plentiful and important locations like SAM sites are way tougher to assault with lots of mines, search lights and other defenses. Also most locations are slightly different usually to the enemies advantage.

Then there is also some other changes overall not relating to difficulty such as

*A few new/different mercs
*More weapons
*Rocket rifles exchanged with something i can't remember
*Bigger squad size
*Higher resolution

Probably missed a few but it is a slightly different game overall. The problem is after playing 1.13 it's kinda difficult playing anything "vanilla" like this and I don't think wildfire can be patched with 1.13 ( correct me if im wrong)

02-11-2012, 12:21 AM
I think I have seen 'wildfire 1.13' mod on the mod site. I haven't tried it myself.

02-11-2012, 07:27 AM
That's a long description, thanks Trucane!

Seems like I'm sticking with JA2 v1.13, latest build. The option that helped me a lot: real time sneaking. That helped with the pace of the game, pretty much what I want to have on this game.

I seriously wish I did not purchase JA:BiA. Playing it only makes me want to go back to JA2 :(

So many problems, so many features lost. I guess I'll shelve it for now and wait for mods/tweaks/patches (if it ever reach the greatness of JA2). Seriously, looking at the face mug of the mercs already made me sad.

By the way, get Wildfire from GOG and also JA2 for cheaper and discount for Valentine's day :) It's still cheaper than JA:BiA

02-11-2012, 10:49 AM
I never tried it although I played JA2 lots of times. What's so brutal about it?

This Gamespot review explains it pretty well.