View Full Version : Priest Mask Mod Idea "Dovahkiin Workshop"

02-12-2012, 04:49 AM
I don't think this has been made yet, having had a quick look on the workshop, but I had an idea for a mod. Sadly I haven't the technical ability to actually implement it/a bit lazy to try, but I think it'd be pretty cool.

Just now the Wooden Mask will only activate when you are at the derelict Dragon Priest shrine. You put it on and you are transported to a different place where you put the collected masks on busts.

The idea for the mod is simple; make the wooden mask work anywhere. And make the dragon priest bust room more accessible and with chests and display cabinets and mannequins for each armour type etc. Chuck in a smelter/forge/enchanter etc. Basically make the Wooden Mask the key to an instant access vault of all your worldy treasures. I don't think this'd be too convenient, especially when you consider the Dovahkiin Hideout mod that connects to every owned house. Perhaps to make it less convenient, it'd only work once all the masks are collected? Anyway, I hope someone'll find it worthy of their time to make.