View Full Version : Fix for the retail version of Act of war

02-13-2012, 02:26 AM
I dont think anyone has posted this but this has gotten my act of war working (this is for retail versions of the game only)

You DON'T need to lower your ram to do this!

Tested on my Win 7 64 SP1

Put in your act of war disc
Do NOT install using autorun.exe
Install game using setup.exe (open DVD then right click "setup.exe")
Click Properties
Compatibility tab
Admin mode
Windows XP sp2 or sp3

All patches should be installed same way

To run the game, right click desktop icon, properties, compatibility tab
start in
admin mode
Windows XP sp2 or sp3
tick "disable desktop composition" and "disable visual themes"

You may get an error when you attempt to launch but click OK and the game should start up without any additional issues. I have attempted the same method with high treason but nothing happens when I attempt to launch it so if anyone knows how to solve this feel free to post it :)