View Full Version : Any Coupons for trade? Plus My Experience. How was yours?

02-19-2012, 06:27 PM
So I have never played any CoD so my perception of the game is more forgiving and actually enjoyed the free weekend. So I'm looking to see if anyone has any coupons they would like to pass along to bring the price down a little. The rest of this post is just my perception of the game so you can stop reading if you want to.

So... On the same token I really don't think its still worth the asking price, as from what I have seen the leveling seems, well redundant. Example: I get when you use certain weapons you get to unlock new addons and perks for each gun, but they all seem more the same over and over again. Also The maps are too small as I enjoy larger areas.. Not because I want to camp and it be sniper friendly but because I like to get a little composure before each kill.. (in fact I have yet to train any sniper gun or shoot one unless I ran out of ammo and had to pick up one off a body.) Rather then Spawn die, spawn die, spawn run a few meters and die again. My fav map seem to be the jungle one (VILLAGE) as it seems to have the most balance in it with less choke points for spamming kills. Followed by BAKAARA or SEATOWN.

Its interesting that depending on how your team is spread on the map you can control how the enemy team spawns on the map. To where they spawn at a disadvantage. Surrounded for most of the game, or vice versa. As the AI Spawning system tries to keep you from spawning too close to other team. But control these areas and well, your or enemy has no choice but to spawn cramped up. Tho I haven't seen any team really play with this.

As for the cheating.. I think that more likely to happen "more" on free weekends as people who cheat usually will make new temp steam account just for the free weekend just to cheat. So More cheaters are live in free weekend then any other given time? At least that's what I'm hoping for.. But it all honestly I ran into about 4 cheaters. And it most cases it ended up with them using some sort of nuke in the game a few moments after the match starts. Even still, I have yet to play any mp game that didn't have some sort of cheating going on in it. BTW while not a cheat I think the dual wield gunslingers need to be Nerfed badly its suppose to be a secondary wep right but people run around with these like they are primary weps lol. Anyways these kind of killers I just ignore from scoring system.

So overall I like the game. The MP is fun for the most part. Teamwork seems to get lost in here but when it happens its nice to be apart of it. I like all the tactical options in the game like flash bangs etc. I like how many ways you can mod you gun, tho I wish I didn't have to unlock each one for each gun as that could take a long time. I am not really all that good at these games so that make it fun if I can get 3rd place when hell freezes over lol. Like I said I play homefront (suck in this game also) and love the openness of the maps vs CoDMW3 choker haven in some maps . But I really did like CoD MW3 enough to want to buy it. Just not at the price its asking for it hehe.

How was your Free Weekend experience? And I know there are plenty of negative ones already try to be a little more positive lol.

02-19-2012, 08:13 PM
Glad you're enjoying it. I really enjoy the game and everyone in game enjoys it too. If you read the forums, that's where the haters are.
I paid for it when it came out and I also own it on xbox. If you have a console, I'd suggest getting it for that. There are many more players so the peer to peer works better. plus console support. However, I do feel like I'm cheating on my computer.
But yeah, overall, I really like this game and glad to read something other than ♥♥♥♥♥ing about it.

02-19-2012, 08:34 PM
I didn't know about CoD games till last year, and that was because my friends told me not to bother with the franchise, so I kept away, then the Black Ops free weekend happened and I gave it a try for the sake of my curiosity, I couldn't believe how fun was it, since then I got hooked. I bought the titles since they were on sale on steam for the weekend. I even pre-purchase MW3, a first in my +300 games library.

Up to now i have +500 hrs in MW3, it isn't perfect, but no game is. Most of the time I have a blast and since I don't play "Ground War" I rarely see actual hackers. I always say that is easier to admit that you hate MW3 rather than admit that you like it, but I really LIKE it, there I said it.