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02-22-2012, 10:11 AM
Hi fans!

Yesterday we released a new development build of Toki Tori 2. In case you missed it, you can read all the details here:


We hope you enjoyed playing it and we'd love to know the following:

* 5 things you like about the build
* 5 things you DON'T like about this build

Please send your feedback in an email named: "Toki Tori Build 5 feedback" to tokitori2@twotribes.com

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Two Tribes

02-23-2012, 04:26 PM
I have recorded my first and third playthroughs. In my first playthough I spent too much time messing around, and I eventually blocked the stairs in the second level with the rock krab, so I had to restart the game. Unfortunately, the second playthrough wasn't recorded properly so I uploaded the 3rd one to include some 3rd level footage, but I had completed that one already by the time I recorded the video:
- 1st playthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E_4_jy-6zs
- 3rd playthrough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qyTuhub7fo

Not going to write a list of the things I liked and didn't like... because there actually isn't anything that I 'didn't like' from this beta. Some stuff could be tweaked or improved IMO, but that's it... just some criticism all around:
- The most noticeable difference from the first game is the linearity of the levels: it kinda reminded me of Braid, which is an awesome thing, but it also isn't what someone who completed the first Toki Tori would expect. That will most likely get better once the multiple exits are implemented, but I think I'm going to miss the good old TT1 puzzling, where you had to look at the map as a whole, without any other goal than collecting everything in the map in a single playthrough. I'm hoping the 'Challenge Maps' you unlock by grabbing collectibles to be something like that, would love to be proven right... :)
- The feature I'm missing the most are the mouse controls for movement. Having completed the whole TT1 by point and clicking, it doesn't feel nice having to use the keyboard now in this game. One would normally expect this to be added later but I didn't see any mention to mouse/touch controls in the Wii-U article so I'm a bit concerned about that...
- When you pan view with the right mouse button, I think the view shouldn't focus back on Toki Tori as soon as you release the button. Playing on windowed mode (800x600) the feature is completely useless (it stops working as soon as you move the mouse out of the window), and it doesn't let you see too much space even on fullscreen...
- I think Toki Tori moves too slow, and climbs ladders even slower. Every tiny bit of frustration when dealing with Toki Tori's movement can affect the experience, so I think the movement should be as smooth as possible, no matter if it looks a bit unrealistic IMO. It could even be interesting to add a 'running' action for traveling longer distances, which could also be a cool third way of dealing with creatures: for example you could allow Toki Tori to scare the dog if you run a long distance before you get close enough to it... ;) It could also be used to gain momentum: Toki Tori doesn't have to fall in a perfect vertical line as soon as it steps off a ledge... :p
- I like how both the whistle and stomp animations come with a subtle effect that shows Toki Tori's influence radius, but there's no way to predict it before whistling/stomping, which can be pretty frustrating sometimes: in the second level (second, unrecorded playthrough), I stomped to send a berrybug to the water (where the death tiles are), but I wasn't close enough to make the bubblefrog burp, so the berrybug isn't caught and dies, and I have to restart the game... I think there should be a permanent way of showing the influence radius, or maybe the creatures inside your influence area should be highlighted somehow...
- Something similar happens with the bubblefrogs: there's no way to predict the max distance they will throw the bubble, so I stomped several times next to a bubblefrog just to see that the creature I wanted to catch was a step farther away, so I had to restart the game... again... :p
- Berrybugs are kinda hard to deal with sometimes: I often spent more time than desired, waiting for the berrybug to reach the desired position to eventually trigger a bubble. Maybe they should react to whistling too, I dunno...

OK, I've kinda focused on criticism but I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed this beta! Never thought a puzzle game could be as lively as this, and now it can only get better: if all the creatures are as cute as the bubblefrog this is going to be awesome! It was also great to finally hear Toki Tori's first 'words'... ;)
The destroyable bridges and waterfalls through telewarps have lots of potential, can't even imgagine what kind of chain reactions can be done with that... Keep up the awesome work! :)

Dark Cyanide
03-07-2012, 08:10 AM
I like everything so far:)
here are my credit card details #^$^$*$&$&&^%(%**^)*^*

as GL said, hope there is a click and move mouse control, it's what help make the first game great, as did the rewind feature, peeps are gonna want to rewind to get sections perfect not restart the whole level,,maybe a whistle or two to get the bloated frog to move slowly to where toki wants him other than have it stationary all the time..similar to what happens when you whisle the crab, it crawls to toki and stops, that would be great positioning control...and one small thing I noticed , the birds that pick up toki look at him then look straight ahead while they fly to their nest, makes em look kinda disconnected from the enviroment, imo, instead, have them look at a point in the center of the nest and the eyes move as it flies toward the nest, would look more in tune with it's enviroment...hmmm, maybe take toki off the Valium or at least reduce his dosage, movement is a bit slow. I loved the cave bit, stomped thru the bridge to get collectable, died, had to restart, are we going to have to suicide then restart to get collectables? or did i miss something? I liked the bugs that lit up the passageway, though the edges of the light beam should be softer, it's a glowbug not a searchlight bug,lol, really liked the glow in the dark butterflies, frog ate my bug, left me in the dark, I whisled to turn the frog around and a butterfly flew to me and lit up the area again, beautiful idea...made it to the end of the level and I appear to have won a toki toki shaped USB stick, yay me :)..and plz, plz, plz don't rush to get it out when promised, I'm sure peeps would rather wait for perfection than be disappointed with a rush job..that's all for now....warmest regards, Dark Cyanide
edit, just had a thought, if toki stands on the left hand side of a crab shell, and if he stomps, the crab will move to the right and vice versa, make for some interesting puzzle mechanics

Dark Cyanide
03-08-2012, 05:58 AM
just played again, really needs that rewind button, was getting pissed off not having one and having to restart the level :(

03-08-2012, 07:18 AM
You missed something, you can reach the collectible without using the bridge ;)

03-08-2012, 07:39 AM
just played again, really needs that rewind button, was getting jarateed off not having one and having to restart the level :(I agree with this... that was another thing why it reminded me of Braid when I played build 5: you sometimes really wish you could go back in time for a bit to fix a mistake... ;)

Dark Cyanide
03-10-2012, 05:05 AM
oh I see, the ladder that doesn't have a hole at the bottom, got the portal ones ok

03-14-2012, 01:58 PM
Just had my first quick look, and I have to say I love the graphics and some of the new puzzle elements! Looks really good!

I didn't notice any bugs yet, but I noticed one thing that I couldn't quickly find elsewhere: right at the start it says that z is for stomp and x for whistle, but the key bindings are exactly the other way around. If it's a general thing I'm sure someone noticed before (then please ignore this), but maybe it's something specific to my configuration...