View Full Version : HELP!!!CO-OP connection problem!!!

02-23-2012, 05:54 PM
The game worked perfectly yesterday without any sort of connection issues, but the game(multi mode) kept on failing for the same reason "the connection to the other player is lost", first, I thought that was my internet problem, so I opened up my browser(s) and see if surfing is available, to my surprise, it works just as usual. Now this thing is just driving me crazy, btw I did rebooted my PC but the difference seemed imperceptible.


02-28-2012, 06:22 PM
Same here. I was playing online with no problems for at least 4 days then suddenly i started to disconnect at 50% of the matches i was joining or hosting, until soon after i couldnt join anywhere more than 3 seconds with the message "the connection to the other player is lost".

I noticed that when i launch the game the first time i hit "survival" a box appears for a split of a second that i managed to understand that is the image of the "searching for games".......

I validated my files like a million times, i reopened my pc i even uninstalled and reinstalled the game but no luck.

I play lots of other games with absolutely no problem.

Please anyone who knows or has a tiny clue of what is going on, enlighten me :(

03-13-2012, 05:44 AM
After some quick search on google i migt have found simmilar problem to NON legit players. Players who have a cracked version of shank loose their connection as soon as they find a fellow player.They say that this happens because the game they find to join is hosted by a legit player....

The problem is that I am a legit player....

Except if somehow the seaqrch engine finds non legit players that host sessions and fails to connect me with them..like a reverse version of what i mentioned above...but that is just a theory, my theory...

Anyways if any shank developer happens to be cheking on steam forums plz do something about it.Is already difficult to find online players, theres no need to destroy such game like that