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02-26-2012, 07:51 PM
I'm current going through the solo campaigns but I've run into a roadblock and would appropriated it if some of you could offer some help. I'm currently stuck on the fifth Dasrowski's Mazurka "Evacuation", I have attempted this mission several times now and each time.

I get completely overrun as soon as the AI starts spamming helicopters and rushing with BMPs and tanks. I have tried setting up defensive lines along the evac route and at resource points but nothing seems to work as no matter how many troops I use to defend or how I position them I just get demolished completely in almost no time at all.

Any tips and advice is welcome.

02-26-2012, 08:15 PM
Replay earlier missions and keep more of your units alive in them.

02-26-2012, 08:33 PM
For that mission you need the AH1H (helicopters) and many tanks.

I used some tanks (4-8) at the start to take out all command vehicles in the east quickly.
Then defend the own base till there are 10mins left.
At that point you need to send some heli's to the northern allied base to help defend it (between the bridge and that base is barely any AA). Use them to take down the enemy's heli's.
In the meanwhile keep adding tanks to defend the base.
Also those chinooks are great for grabbing supplies from the eastern and southeastern depots.

02-27-2012, 08:58 PM
For that mission you need the AH1H (helicopters) and many tanks.

I think he's talking about the 5th mission of the 2nd campaign and not the first.

This mission and the mission after this is notorious (especially if you're going for the secondary objectives). Here's what I did:

I had my entire Mi-24 compliment available on standby, mostly on the west side against advancing US forces. In the east, where you are facing a mix of Czech and French troops charging across the forest, deploy lots of infantry, flame tanks in the woods and the tree lines.

Capture the northern command zone ASAP. You won't need to defend it until much later in the mission, but the extra points is definitely useful to get in more troops to reinforce your position. Beware that the AI will eventually attack that zone, and in the east will bypass the forest and go around to attack you in the rear or the southern command zone.

Once you got settled into a somewhat defensive position, it is time to send what you can spare across to the evac zone. Remember, what you don't send across won't be available in the next mission! So be sure to send a spread of vehicles and not just the cheapest units so you can get the 75% survivor objective. By the time the game reaches the 4 minute left mark, leave the defending infantry vehicle and fast move what you can of your vehicles to the evac point and you should be able to clear it.

An alternate strategy that seem to worked for me the second time I played through it was to smash the enemy reinforcement point to the east. Although it won't stop the scripted enemy troops from respawning, it did mess up the AI scripting a bit and stopped the AI from constantly swarming you, allowing you more than enough time to evacuate the 75% troops.

Good luck!