View Full Version : Game even starts!

03-03-2012, 10:41 PM
Hi everyone,
After more than half a year without play CiM, I decide to have some fun again last week. Starting the game from Steam, first the Steam Client had to be updated, then... nothing happens! CiM seems not start, but it runs as a process as seen in the Windows Task Manager. When I try to close Steam Client, get the message "Close CiM first". Someone can help?

03-19-2012, 01:46 AM
Well after paying good money for this game I have resolved never to buy another Paradox game again. Why not? Where should I start?

First dissapointment: installed the game with Windows 7 (2.67GHz Intel Core 2, 4GB RAM). Wait for the Steam Update. Try to run the game. Nothing! Try again. Nothing. Uninstall. Reinstall. Still Nothing. Check Task Mananger. About six processes of Cities in Motion running in the background and still NOTHING!

Try it in XP then. Install it again. Wait for the Steam update again. It Works! Terrible mouse lag and hang on there is no noise! Asus Sonar card is working. Check the forum. Ah other people with this sound card have had problems with the sound too. Try a few of the suggestions. No go.

Come to the inevitable conclusion IT IS NOT WORTH IT. Really, how can they charge money for a game with so many bugs?

It actually reflects poorly on the whole Steam platform that they support a game like this in my humble opinion.

Final act. Throw the disc in the bin.