View Full Version : Mod request: Rangefinder scope on Deckgun for Silent Hunter 4

03-05-2012, 10:52 AM
Hello everyone, I have recently bought silent hunter 4 and I am having a blast with it and I have downloaded a few mods, like for example, the Bismarck surface vessel battleship mod along with the Yamato mod. I was having a blast getting up close and personal to harrass and destroy the merchant ships with my deckgun, but then, I stumbled upon a battle fleet, and I can tell you I have received quite a beating that day, and then another came along, the same happened. The reason I was getting beaten was because I could not get any hits on the ships, because they were too far, and I couldn't adjust the deckgun to the correct range to be able to make a hit. So my question is the following: Does anyone know a mod where we can replace the deckgun scope with another that can tell us the range of the ship we are pointing at (rangefinder scope) and if so, could someone give me the link to the mod so I can download it.

Ps: I would also be interested in discovering some new Surface vessels (playable battleships or destroyers in career mode on either American or German side) so if you know about some, please post the links in the thread.:)

Thanks ahead of time