View Full Version : Smuggling Mission Overhaul

03-08-2012, 08:38 AM
In the upcoming expansion smuggling missions will work a little differently. You may have heard about the Assault Missions (http://www.isotx.com/?p=3412) earlier this week, which are relatively short automated missions. Smuggles will follow this example!


In the improved smuggling system you will still choose a hero and pick trucks and units to go along. As you are picking units, you will see a value for the chance of you being attacked (in percentages). Bringing stronger units and having a mixed force will result in a lower chance of being attacked.

You then send the mission on its way, and it will automatically run for six hours. You no longer have to play a 3D battle to defend your convoy. When the timer is up, youíll see how your convoy did, whether it came under attack, and how any battle went.

So now you will be able to send your smuggling convoys on their way with the greatest of ease. Just pick your army and get them moving! Now thatís easy money!