View Full Version : Problem with the spitter.

03-09-2012, 05:53 AM
Ok well this really isnt a problem I am just mostly curious as to why the spitter damage on CPU survivors is so weak. I mean I had Nick in acid for like 10 seconds and he still had like 80 health. I guess sometimes the CPU survivors can be stupid and maybe this is a way to counter that? Idk by the way this is an issue on the 360 idk if PC people have the same issue

03-09-2012, 10:48 AM
Yep this exists on PC as well as 360. My guess would be that since the AI players don't always deal with spit very effectively, it is a way to stop their stupidity from ruining the experience for the human players.

You may also be interested to know that you take less damage from spit when you are pinned by an SI, and the accumulative damage from deathspit is 3 higher than regular spit (86 v 83 iirc). /endrandomspitfacts

03-09-2012, 02:29 PM
It's also possible that the survivor was in the middle of invincibility frames.

Say a hunter pins someone. Spitter spits on the pinned survivor. Then someone clears the hunter. While the formerly-pinned survivor is standing up, he will be immune to all damage (including a tank punch on expert, which should incap you instantly).

03-10-2012, 12:16 PM
-It's also important to know that your spit AND you spit death puddle stack on one another, doubling the damage depending on how long each spit puddle has been on the ground. Say some gets charged and you spit on that survivor who's pinned, then die on him right after the other survivors shoot you and the charger on the spot. He will get up and take massive damage going from probably 100 health to 30 because he was taking both puddles at once.

-Spit is also slightly more effective against survivors with lower hp as they are slower, giving them less of a time frame to get out of the spit faster than they normally would.

-Spit will travel through wire frame or grated floors with no solid surface (e.g - blood harvest map 2 event upstairs).

-Spit has a small arc to it even if you shoot straight up it will land probably a few feet in front of you.

-You can spit while jumping

-It's much safer to ricochet spit instead of letting the survivors see you when you are above them, or in tight hallways. The spitter will not generally be seen and it will have time to get away.