View Full Version : Another High Treason bug - player automatically loses campaign mission

03-10-2012, 06:23 PM
In the mission (do not remember the mission name and number) where the player has to "secure the hacienda", the player begins with 3 Strykers and a Buggy. As soon as the player makes contact with some enemy infantry, the game tells the player to deploy a base, and 3 drone constructors are dropped off by a V-44.

Then Immedately after the player is given the 3 drone constructors and a new primary objective appears - the player is "defeated" and the mission ends. If you click the objectives tab just before this happens, you'll notice that the primary objective is marked with a red "X" from the get-go, meaning the game considers the objective failed as soon as it starts.

P.S. Also worth noting, previously I was having trouble getting this mission to play at all - up until recently, the game would automatically crash within 10 seconds of starting this mission.

03-27-2012, 10:11 AM
Update: I solved this problem - at the start of this mission, you have to have your units take the bridge to the left where they're run into some Consortium units, then after that you'll be deployed Drone Constructors and the mission will go on without problems.

For whatever reason, if you don't take the bridge to the left (ex. you keep heading north or head south instead) then after running into the Consortium units the mission will automatically end in failure.