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03-15-2012, 02:26 PM
Here are some scout tutorials that tang made, they're pretty good to keep in mind while playing.

Any other tutorials you have, add them to this thread if you'd like.



03-15-2012, 02:40 PM
Here is an excerpt from waar's intro to 6v6 TF2 that, while dated(over 3 years old), still applies to the game.

One of the Scout's jobs is to cover flanks. When your combo is pushing in one direction you need to push in the other direction so as to prevent backcaps. Come into the fight and attack people that are low - it's not always necessary to gun straight for the medic if you know that somebody else is about to die, or is closer to you and you can make them die. Take advantage of the enemy focusing on your combo, and stay alive to clean up. A Scout that survived the fight by turning the corner and avoiding Soldier aggro can come in and clean up the entire team if the Medic died and everyone is low, possibly even winning the game this way. Go for medic picks when the opportunity presents itself (especially when you don't have uber advantage), but don't let this be your sole function. Go for back caps when the opportunity presents itself, but again don't let this be your sole function. You are very much helpful alive helping the combo win the fight, so go for back caps and picks intelligently and when it won't severely harm your team should you fail. Scouts should also be aware of enemy Scouts at all times. You should avoid letting enemy Scouts roam free and pop out on your heavies. This doesn't mean you have to chase around Scouts and try to kill them every time - at the very least keep them in front of you, and call their positions if you can't kill them. Keep in mind your Demoman's position as he will attract scouts; keep him protected. Letting Scouts roam free will burden your combo tremendously as they will have to fight the other team's combo as well as trying to keep the medic alive from free-running scouts.

I would say these are some of the most important parts of playing scout in my opinion:
1) Having an eye for backcaps since the entire game is based around capturing points and sometimes an entire round can be won because you went to backcap rather than chase an easy frag.
2) Never willfully fighting 1v1s against scouts. You should(almost) always have your scout partner(or roaming soldier) there to back you up in a fight because scout 1v1s are inherently somewhat random.
3) Stay alive. You would be amazing at what you can do if you make a concerted effort to not extend too early. Staying alive longer means your team has more presence on the map and at mid fights it gives you the opportunity to get a ton of gifted clean up frags after your combo and demo do all the damage.