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03-27-2012, 10:11 PM
First and foremost I want to say that while I am disappointed with the game itself I do NOT regret buying it. At least so long as the dev keeps working on it (from a quick glace at the forums that seems to be the case)

That said, this game has issues. I'll try not to repeat to make of what you can see in other posts unless I feel its a big issue. Also I have not had a chance to try the MP out yet, my internet connection was running slow tonight so I didn't bother

Biggest issue I saw was the controls. They suck. Hard. From the RTS map the zoom is all messed up and using space for free look was a horrible idea (I would suggest pressing the mouse wheel down, pressing both mouse keys, or holding down the ALT key like other RTS games). Also when exiting control of single unit I'm not a fan of the camera just stopping and staying fixed on where you were looking before you exited direct control. I know why you did this and It made sense in theory but unless my guy got killed its more likely that I'm exiting because my attention is needed somewhere else right now, starting already zoomed out would be a huge plus

In third person mode its a little more tricky. I'm not sure what the problem is, it just doesn't feel right. I understand I'm not much help there but since I feel the RTS controls are a more pressing matter its kind of a moot point

Some of the graphics are off but I'm willing to let that slide. Both because I think this game was sent out before you were ready for reasons beyond your control and the fact that my computer is kind of crap

Only having 4 maps is a bit of a downer but with a map editor on the way that kind of becomes a non-issue

Some sort of single player campaign would be awesome but not necessary. I've just personally love SP games myself.

For me the biggest issues are the controls. Fortunately they are (normally) the easiest to fix with patches

I may not be totally infatuated with this game but I had enough fun to want to see the next level. Its got an AMAZING amount of potential and I'm glad to see that the dev is extremely active in addressing the problems so far.

At the end of the day what this game is just unpolished. It's got everything, just needs a little TLC

*Also side note: You are a freaking genius with those Zeppelins. I hate fighting those things so much that I almost want to quit, but then I kill one and I feel like a awesomely unstoppable killing machine. Very nice

03-27-2012, 10:22 PM
Thanks for the input, I feel like a lot of your issues will be solved with the ability to remap the controls, coming ASAP.

The rest of the issues are pretty much known and will be addressed. Thanks a lot for putting a somewhat positive light on your post man, I will make sure all this stuff gets fixed. Thanks for taking the time to give feedback, I will do my best to address the issues you mentioned.

- Dan