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03-29-2012, 11:14 AM
Maybe make this the thread for suggestions? Well, I will kick off:

- Give the canons in the game (tanks, artillery etc) some traveling time. Even on a range of half the map, you will hit an object when aiming exactly on it.
- Make the third person view with soldiers less sluggish, make it more direct.

03-29-2012, 11:46 AM
Here are a few of my suggestions. Some of them are major, others minor.

Allow users to select unit groups by pressing the # keys or F# keys associated with them. (The manual's Controls section implies that this feature is present, but it isn't!)

Allow users to press the Spacebar when they receive an alert to instantly jump to the unit/control point being referred to.

When you directly control units, have them face the direction in which they were moving immediately before you did so. I find that after I double-click on them, sometimes the direction in which they're facing completely changes and I become disoriented.

Add the ability to move forwards or backwards and strafe at the same time. Currently, infantry movement is restricted to one of four directions at a time (forwards, backwards, left, or right) which is simply unacceptable from a third-person shooter point of view.

Add the ability to sprint as infantry, even if for a short period of time. As it stands, infantry are quite simply too slow and boring to play as. With the ability to strafe while moving forwards or backwards and even sprint, it would make them more enjoyable to play.

Add the ability to directly control a unit either by double-clicking its portrait or by first selecting the unit, then clicking a "Direct Control" button over in the same lower-right interface containing stances and other orders.

Enforce the Army Point Limit in Offline Practice's Army Skirmish mode. At this time, even at the lowest limit I can still purchase and spawn an entire army of zeppelins!

Improve the name tags for players so that they don't "lag behind" when rotating the camera. Currently, it's as though they're running on a cycle that's much slower than the rest of the game engine. (If this isn't possible to fix due to the design of the engine itself, that's understandable.)

Add animations for breaking walls and barriers, even if they're simplistic. And in my opinion, it'd be cool to be able break through them without stopping even if it slowed you down significantly!

03-31-2012, 01:28 AM
Dan, maybe it's an idea to give the tanks a max height at which they can aim in 3rd person. With this little adjustment, you have 2 advantages.

First, the bug that the camera in 3rd person while controlling a tank goes beneath the ground and you can't see the target, is fixed.

Second, it's a little bit more realistic, right now the angle is I think about 70/80 degrees. Not a single tank can aim that high. Make it more like 50/60 degrees. Then it's a little bit more realistic. :)

03-31-2012, 01:37 AM
Dan, maybe it's an idea to give the tanks a max height at which they aim. With this little adjustment, you have 2 advantages.

First, the bug that the camera in 3rd person while controlling a tank goes beneath the ground and you can't see the target, is fixed.

Second, it's a little bit more realistic, right now the angle is I think about 70/80 degrees. Not a single tank can aim that high. Make it more like 50/60 degrees. Then it's a little bit more realistic. :)

I agree completely. I noticed that if you try to look straight up into the air with tanks, the camera sinks into the ground and what you see of the ground is rather ugly. It also doesn't make sense that you can hold down right-click and aim higher upwards than if you press E and use the viewfinder! This is most evident when attempting to target zeppelins that are overhead.

03-31-2012, 02:10 AM
About the RTS side of the game. In a lot of RTS games, you have the possibility to zoom in to the point where your mouse is. But in Gettysburg, you can only zoom in to the middle of your screen. Maybe that's a little feature that can be implemented Dan? :) In my opinion, that feels way more intuitive.

03-31-2012, 02:15 AM
World editor is right now disabled, but you can enable it. So I did that, but I think the interface could use some help. For example, when you want to place entities (such as a building, wall, fence etc), you have to press 'P' to actually place an object, press 'U' to delete it and hold 'F' to change the direction of the object. I think it would be better to do all of that with your mouse. Left mouse button to place an object at default direction, hold the left mouse button for a preview (and then move in whatever direction) to change the direction it's heading and release the mouse button to place it and right mouse button to delete an object.

The UI isn't as intuitive as I think it would be, and IMHO, this would be a great improvement to the world editor.

03-31-2012, 02:16 AM
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03-31-2012, 04:44 AM
I have 2 ideas concerning the shooting mechanics. I find it quite hard to actually hit people, because they are pretty small and the spread of the guns is also pretty big. What about reducing the spread just a little bit, not a lot, just a little bit to make it easier to hit people. And I don't know if you're already working on it Dan, but let us choose our crosshairs, just like in for example Counter Strike.

03-31-2012, 11:59 AM
pettysburg for petting luverz

Lemme get some Pettysburg action ^^ :-o

04-01-2012, 03:55 AM
Lemme get some Pettysburg action ^^ :-o


04-02-2012, 10:04 AM
But what do you think about my suggestions Mr. Dan?

04-02-2012, 11:20 AM
FPS command order and suggestions
Hi dgreen and fellow gamers

Got god game going on there great idea... feels great when i can take over in RTS when the AI sux :-)

.... but ill be honest the game sux with all the bugs and balance problems
but thats just it balance problem and bugs. swat those bugs and balance problems. add Follow command :-D .i really think u got awesome game going on. great unit graphics by the way.

here i got some Great sugestions mostly for EPIC later updates


a must have for this game its wierd that anyone hasnt mentioned this

when i reda about and before i bought this game i was thinking about walken in a
formation with my massive GENUINE 1800 LINE FORMATION with cannons, against blazing tanks while im bombarded by zeppelins and futuristic machine guns.

i think this is what some ppl thinked about when they firs first heard about the game.

on defferent fourums i read comment like

"Hopes it like mount and blade game with tanks :-P"

but right now its just hasnt that feel because its such a downer to switch betwen rts/fps giving orders to ur AI. and micromanagement is really difficult if not imposible.

-Is see the potensial of the game because now only 10% of the map size is used if the game are to work on larger map with several players some stuff in the the fps part of the game must be added ..
formations that follow player is almost reqired.because now unit just stay where u put in rts them and u end up charging and alone units just stand there in a not so cool loose formation not shotting at enemys.

it shuld be like in mount and blade WB the army shuld be able to follow the player.
what about giving us commands in fps like>

-Follow me!
-fire where i fire.(every unit in squad fire in a rectangular area where you ex click with right mouse button). or a suppress area command. This cannot be a very focused fire
-fire at will.
-also a artilery in range suppres at aimed location command(skirmish).
-hold your fire(for ambushes:-) )
-hold this position
-move to this position

later on even example
-select tanks
-select infantry
-select support

Even later updates :-)
RETREAT losse control of units and they run like idiots to nerby command point :-)

almost a copy of mount and blade but trick is not making it too much like a copy because gamers will complain natrualy

!!!!This also have a very god side effect that fansbase and mabye modders of mount and blade games (and there are many!) probobaly will look at this game too!!!!

-this wuld also mabye solve/compensate for some AI issues in your army in skirmish because u simply dont use AI the it same way.
espesialy with the fire where right click command

then u wuld only use rts mostly for like
-moving difrent armies long distanses
-sending reinforsments
-sending scouts
-overview of the battlefield.
-creating "groups"
and not for micromanagment

what i mean is battle encounters shuld be controled mainly in fps !!!!!!!!!!!

respectively the computer shuld also not be running around sigle man instead they shuld be in groups

and plz give us a genuine infantry line formations prefarbly 2 line where the front sit on the knee that wuld be awesome


-This culd also be implemented in a army deathmatch when u play infantry 1800 you get a whole squad of like 20 that follow u in tight line formation. u culd chosse 2060 infantry you only get like 8 in your squad.
if u chosse tanks u get 3 tanks same with and art. if u play apc u get em filled with AI units that can be released bihind enemy lines.
mabye also a support squad with 1 gatlingdude 2 rocket and a sniper

-no comand in RTS like deatchmatch
- u and u cant leave the squad or shose other untits then that within squad natrualy.
-When u are killed u shuld autmaticly jump to closest unit in the squad.
-u can refil/change when squad inside captured command point


-mostly like above but a point system culd also be implemented so in the begining you only afford 1 future rifleman or 5 riflemen. your squad army poits increase for each kill and passivly throu number of command points hold.
then u can frely chosse units like in skirmish. but u are also locked to your squad until they die or u go back to a controled point where u can add troops.

-NB u and u cant leave the squad or shose other untits then ur own and cant spawn units at other locations then when u are inside command point.

an exeption is future artilery which suggestivly only stay at command points and is AI controled and only works by fps bomb area order (see top) mabye only unit movable in rts and shuld move betwen commandpoints. mainly becuse there is no point bringing an artilirery in a close range encounter natrualy

When u are killed in fps u autmaticly jump to closest unit.

-on bigger maps some points shuld give regenerate more army points than others. so everyone want that pos creating a no mansland of destruction :-)

-mabye the beggining shuld be like dota leage of legends
player just farming other teams ai troops. until they get enugh army point to buy an army.

If u implemeted something like this i think the the game wuld elevate to a whole new level gaming. rally creating a epic bloody battlefield only with 10 players on ON a larger map with the player right down there in the center.
more feel of a battlefield because now its almost imposible to have teambased gameplay on a larger map.

now normal deatchmatch is only a buch of people and ai running confused around single handed in chaos looking more like open world battlefield2 and this game culd never compete with that

Skirmish is only a ruse, wargame, like game this game cant compete with that genre either

i mean how wuld a large scale deatchmatch battle look like when u have like 100 units be controled by seperate players... it screams messy lag and wierd unorganized gameplay
nobody wuld want to play one infantry only a bunch of tanks and artilery then you can play "world of tanks" instead

But a mount and blade game on a huge map with alot of players with armys controled in fps. that has NEVER BEEN MADE and i really think that that what alot of ppl want
and what ppl where exited about when they heard about the game.

**u culd just start with a "SIPMLE" follow unit command in rts then u take control of that unit they are following and... voila! that wuld make a huge gaming diffrence.... ill write that suggestion in general below


I havent seen or heard of any use of XP but that culd be used in unlocking weapons for units like mines and grenades but also SMALL bunuses
and if so it shuld be 3 or 4 skill tree ex like this making player to chosse after their gameplay style

--->infantry + 50 health
--->enables grenades

--->artilery range inkrease------------------->
--->enable rocket luncher troop aa missiles----->

TANKS>------->you get the idea

""""""""""""its a bit optimistic mabye but i think if u add something like this game it will go GOLD and u cant sell it for 10 euro it just dumb more like 30 :-) """"""""""""

by the way sorry for the typing :-P

what do u all think about this mount and blade like command system and later the army deathmatch is a great addition to the game?

04-02-2012, 11:29 AM
OTHER suggestions balance and bug


-Enlargable/enlarged/zoomed minimap and enhanced with colour and stuff so you see spoted (see below) enemies. all frindly units and captured uncapured and enemy positions
-units firing at u automaticly show on minimap and rts

-arcing ballistcs on all weapons even bullets and some Inaccuracy on most weapons and a round retricle instead of dot espesialy the tank so its not used as a sniper against infantry
-either make some weapons unable to do damage to the airship and/or hard to hit with the ballistics fall on weapons.Range limtations or aim height limitations, speed of bullet reduction
suggest ex giving the artillery fast firing inacurate flak rounds that explodes with a black cloud like in ww2 and the rocket troop aa heat seeking missile weapons(range limited)
-make the artillery rounds show a ring on the ground.and make the arrows transparent!!!!
-bullet rounds dont make so much damage on armor mabye 2/3 just bounce off.
-disable so u cant shange unit in deathhmatch only in controled area or writing /Suicide outside.prevent chickens abandoning low healt unit
-Ai infantry in deatchmatch shuld be walking in groups.
-a defencive ai force being sent to each taken point balance to keeep one 1800inf to take over a point.
-A simple follow command in rts :-P
-A lovely blue sky with clouds :-). i dont know if its grapic error but mine is grayish

-i dont think the artilery is very artilleryish
-make it more like the boat and airship
-mabye A ring in the minimap where the shells hit for long range fps. ability to zoom out like boat
-more Smoke tracing on the shell(more visible) so players se where the artilery come from
-slower moving shells
-Flak rounds for airships
-Bigger BOOM :-)
-shells do not explode when use in close range only hit with lesser damage...
but instant kill on infantry if lycky direct hit so it cant be used as tank.
-alot of inaccuratsy with the new balistic
-slower turning
-slower acceleration and speed

-some arcing balistic
-lesser HE explosion from the AP rounds more inefective against infantry AP shuldt kill with a half miss. preferby an added MG to tanks or slow loading HE shells for balance
-wzup with the open armor doors on the side of the tanks :P
-Shells hit ground to early on flat terrain. feels wierd
-when aiming high it sems like it fires verticaly strait up
-it seem like u cant se enemy turret facing properly. u dont realyy se if enemy are aiming at you
-realy slow turret turning.so it is a tactical advatage to ambush tanks.
-the camera view shuld be closer to the turret and disable the lookaround. espesialy in deatchmatch.

-make the cannons less ground artilery and more efeective against other airships giving it the feel and look of a 1700 sea battle betwen airships:-P.
mabye make it drop awesome bombs straight down instead
-Binaculars giving it ability to spot enemys and mark them so everone can se the enemy and a spot on minimap for like 10-15sec like in bf3. giving it a more scout job. also desame on ex horseman and sniper
preferbly spoting whole formations if that so
-transparent aiming arowws
-its dificult to se wats underneath the airshp because of angle
-seperate loading times on each side if posible also desame on ships

sorry for bad typing

now i read dgreen are working on the balistic stuff exited to see how it turns out

04-05-2012, 05:49 AM
These images show the problem with the aim height of tanks.

These 2 with walls floating above the ground.

That one with characters standing in walls.

That one when jumping over a fence. The animation is not adjusted for these high fences.

These two with the draw distance. The environment looks dull, because there is no AF and/or large draw distance.

And about the draw distance, these 2 images show it. Look real close to the shadow of the trees on your right side.

04-05-2012, 05:08 PM
Awesome suggestions finger!

Thanks for the pics Arend.

- Dan

04-06-2012, 06:21 AM
Awesome suggestions finger!

Thanks for the pics Arend.

- Dan

Thx.... looking forward to further updates. :-)

04-06-2012, 11:54 AM
*in old man Herbert voice* mmmMmmmmm, gotta get me some Pettysburg action, yesssssir.

- Dan

04-06-2012, 02:01 PM
Dan, I have a small suggestion for the APC. Let the mini gun on it rotate faster, because right now it looks kinda weird. Spraying out bullets, but the gun rotating slow as hell. And maybe make the gun overheat after 5-10 secs of continuous firing.

04-07-2012, 04:13 PM
I would like a few things to make the experience less tedious.

1. If you don't put markers on enemies, could you at least do something to make them more visible (at the very least do it in TPS mode)?

2. In RTS mode, make it easier to select units. Right now you have to click in a very specific spot, and if it's off by just a little bit it won't take. Maybe make their icon clickable?

3. Add a graphic around your reticule that flashes when you hit an enemy (this is most important for infantry I think).

4. For tanks, when I shoot at a zeppelin or something, I can see the bullet hit but it does no damage, so I guess there's a range associated with it that doesn't correspond to how far the bullet travels. I would either like the two to be the same, or at least add a range indicator on the reticule (and associated ranges for the bullets shown in hud).

04-09-2012, 09:37 PM
We're still waiting eagerly for the Official Steam Group of this game. I know I will do my best to invite people. It's the next step in getting the word out for this game.