View Full Version : Multiplayer features

03-31-2012, 05:41 AM
Dear Bugbear, please, make RRU MP more comfortable.
Reasonable multiplayer features:

Server browser (with basic filters)
Host options

Number of player slots (open and private)
Game mode (domination\shindo)
Number of laps
Time of day
Vehicle class

Lobby features

Text chat
Kick vote button
Invite friend button
View player profile button (that will lead to mp stats\list of cities and link to steam profile)

Track options in Domination match are locked by city creator but number of player slots still must be configurable (on domination\shindo tracks).
Also, need to increase custom tracks usability. We can choose only the whole city but not separate tracks.
PS. Right now MP is dead for me because I can play only with random players and random options.
PSS. Even FO2 and FOUC have a much more handy MP organization. *_*