View Full Version : Loading Impacts Skyboxes

03-31-2012, 07:01 PM
This bug is tremendously annoying and severely impacts my orientation in what can be a massive environment at times.

If I or the host loads a previously made save file after a long but unfinished playthrough the night before, the skyboxes are all changed to be the same. This is extremely noticable in multi-star systems as it makes the differences between stars much less noticable. As a result, it hampers my ability to quickly recognize where the hell I am and as such, eliminates the feeling of going 'here to there'.

How can I fix this? Checking and unchecking the boxes in the effects setting does nothing, at least for a multiplayer game, and this even occurs in non-randomly generated maps (such as Systems of War) and my fiance is also having the same problem.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as this is extremely annoying.