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04-09-2012, 01:30 AM
I figure that with the free reddit keys that went out, some people might want a short achievement guide for this game. I did all the achievements in 1 day, so I'll list exactly what I did.

In no particular order:

Genesis: Over 10 million points in the first level
As another thread stated, just do the task clears with 2-3 block at a time. the lucid bar fills faster with more blocks, and you get lucid blocks when you clear tasks in a row. The combo bonus from the tasks along with the lucid blocks at the end should clear you well over 10 million points.

Picnic on the Moon: Task-Combo of 14 or over.
A simple one, just get it done in an early level when clear sizes don't matter.

Red Supergiant: Clear 24 RED blocks in consequent moves.
Blue Skies: Clear 18 BLUE blocks in consequent moves.
Green sun: Clear 6 GREEN areas in a row.
Yellow Star: Clear 60 YELLOW blocks in one level.
All done exactly the same way, though some levels make this easier than others. Just clear other colors while making sure not to let the red or blue blocks touch too much. keep a clear count of how many blocks will be cleared and eventually you should get it. Obviously the red and blue achievements are for the number of blocks, and the green one is for the number of clears, but their methods are still the same, while the yellow one is the easiest since it doesn't need to be done in a row.

Somewhere over the Rainbow: Have 8 Lucid-Blocks on the screen at the same time.
Do this in one of the earlier levels, likely between 5-10. just do 2-3 block clears for all tasks, and you should hit 8 lucid blocks before the end.

Cosmic Superstrings: Get 400,000 or more points in one move.
This one is actually easier later one, and in particular, level 23. Level 23 sports a MASSIVE pile of same-colored blocks on the lower left corner. all you need to do is get to around a 6-8 combo from task blocks before hitting the massive pile and you'll easily hit 400k total. even a 4 combo might do, but I was at 8 when I did it.

Lucid Earth: Clear 5 levels.
Dark Side of the Moon: Clear 35 levels.
Big Bang: Clear the last level (55th).
Basic completion achievements. Only thing to note is that as the levels get higher, the number of blocks needed in 1 clear raises for tasks. at the last few levels, you'll need 3-4 blocks in 1 clear to complete a task. It is at this point that you should focus less on tasks and more on making sure that you don't get stuck with an un-clearable mess. The later levels tend to start with pre-formed 4 block clears for you, but clearing them badly can create an awful interconnecting mess that cannot be cleared. The last level may also seem overwhelming with the color change, but nothing has changed other than the graphics.

05-03-2012, 05:09 PM
Thanks for this, was really helpful on earning Cosmic Superstrings.

02-25-2013, 09:19 AM
Great guide, thanks.