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04-10-2012, 11:25 AM
A quick FAQ for Naval War: Arctic Circle

Q: What exactly is Naval War: Arctic Circle?
A: It is a RTS game about air and naval combat in the arctic region. The
game focuses on realism and real world units. It's playable in single
player or 1vs1 multiplayer.
Read more at: http://navalwargame.com/game-info

Q: Who is the developer?
A: The developer is the Bergen (Norway) based Turbo Tape Games.

Q: I have technical feedback on the game, where should I post that?
A: In the technical Naval War: Arctic Circle forum (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?695-Tech-Support-and-Bugs-Naval-War-Arctic-Circle).

Q: I canít post on this forum, why is that?
A: If you are completely new to the Paradox forum, it will take a couple
of days before you can make your first post as that is how the forum is
set up. However, you can always contact our support, please find more
information here:

Q: I canít find the manual with my game, is there anywhere else I can
download it?
A: You'll find it on the game's main website:

Q: Is there anywhere else, besides this forum I can stay on top of the
latest surrounding this game or get in touch with Paradox or the developer?
A: Yes! We're on twitter http://twitter.com/navalwar and
http://www.facebook.com/NavalWarArcticCircle and on the Steam forums of
course. We might not reply to every single post but weíll read and
compile the comments and feedback.

Known issues the developer is working on:
- The texts for the "Radar-" and "Sonar tutorial" are not localized yet,
so they are in English.
- Close and identify (on non-identified detections) does exactly nothing
- "Change formation" 'teleports' units: they snap instantly to new
formation position, instead of moving there normally
- Manual says that multiplayer can be played on fixed speed. This
option has been removed and is unlikely to be included.
- Some localized (non-English) texts may need to be shortened to fit in GUI.

Enjoy your naval combat!

04-12-2012, 10:45 AM
campaign is sandbox?