View Full Version : Nice game... But you need A PHD in IT & Bill gates to install.

04-13-2012, 11:15 PM
Remove data from cache.
No wonder this game is free @ its release, cause no one can install it. Good job GamesForWindowsLive and your bull#### software.

04-15-2012, 11:05 AM
Hell I tried everything I could possibly do aside from reinstalling the operating system and still havnt gotten it to work!

The messed up part is that I got it to activate on two different computers with two different live ID's (All with issues of course) but when I went to activate a third account, it continually asks for the product key!
Last night, I stayed up until 6am trying to get this to work. Even installed the GFW client after uninstalling the steam version... still nothing BUT my friend in Australia, which is having the same exact problem, suddenly it worked for him!

This really f****** sucks!

^ I guess explains it all..... I cant see "weeks" being an appropriate response for a huge company such as MS...

In addition, I have gone through 4 different virtual machines each with different operating systems (and versions) trying to get it to work with no success on windows 7, vista or XP including three different desktops each running Win 7.