View Full Version : Lost 45 epic plate piece

04-14-2012, 09:59 PM
I lost my armor in Gallery blood mode due to the game freezing up after leaving the dungeon (after they mentioned it was fixed during second weekend). I submitted my ticket, and got an answer that they could not give back in game items. My friend did the same thing and got his 45 epic piece back. This game confuses me badly. I gave an accurate description of the item (exact name) and an accurate time. Why did I not get an item back, and why did they lie to me by saying they don't provide in game items if my friend's 45 epic was replaced? Isn't there some record showing that I got what I claim I got? It wasn't like I destroyed my item. I got a black waiting screen and had to reboot (after they said the problem was fixed) and the item disappeared. It was Bloody Bandeda Plate or something to that effect. Makes me sad, as other MMO's have provided me items when they looked back and saw I had gotten same item EVEN WHEN IT WAS MY MISTAKE THE ITEM DISAPPEARED. They won't even give back my item when it was DUE TO THEIR MISTAKE.

I am truly saddened and hope this doesn't happen to anybody else.