View Full Version : Patch (04-16-2012)

04-16-2012, 12:46 PM
List of changes in today's patch:

- Fixed: Mouse wheel and keyboard not working for people that had previously played other Unity3D games that required DirectInput.

- Fixed: Weapons that can target surface units can now target submarines that's on the surface.

- Fixed: Several causes of game crashing removed. Also added more logging to track down harder to identify ones.

- Fixed: Changed font in Victory/Defeat screen when using Norwegian language to handle special characters (זרו).

- Added: Localization of "Tutorial 5: Radar"
- Updated: 'C01S11: Wings of Retribution' scenario difficulty increased. Added more enemy air, reduced own offensive units and added spotter for enemies.
- Updated: Reduced effectiveness of torpedo decoy.
- Updated: 'JAS-39 Gripen' Air superiority Amraam load increased from 4 to 6. Air superiority (LR) added 2 Amraam.
- Fixed: 'C01S07: Baltic Breakout' victory condition for enemy could never be met.
- Fixed: 'C01S12: Ragnarok Armada' victory condition.
- Fixed: 'C02S06: Hide and Seek' victory condition for destroying airport.
- Fixed: Removed trailing dialog entry in dialog before 'C02S07: Northern Lights'.
- Fixed: Broken newspaper body before last Russian campaign mission.
- Fixed: StrengthPercent is changed to percentages for jammers.
- Fixed: Patriot SAM Base misnamed.
- Fixed: Ronneby spelling.