View Full Version : Announcing the Spring Tournament

04-17-2012, 08:35 AM
After the Leet Tournament last month catering to our highest levels, its time for a special Spring Tournament for our mid-level players from level 10 to level 15.

The sign-ups start on Wednesday April 18 and the tournament itself starts Friday April 20.

Once more we will host this tournament in three time-zones (SEA, EU and USA). We recommend that you sign up for the tournament in your time-zone in order to ensure the best possible hours to play against your opponents.


Sign up through the PvP Arena (http://igmarauders.isotx.com/game.php?/battlestation/) (accessible for players level 10 and up)!

Spring Tournament Details:

There are 64 places available per time-zone
Participants will use a fixed pool of units (not their own units) for equality.
Round times will be extended if necessary (e.g. if maintenance occurs)
Each round lasts 48 hours and turns last 15 minutes
The entry fee is 3 Gems

Signing in by accident or choosing the wrong tournament will not be refunded. Make sure you choose the right time-zone!

Time Zones:

There are 3 time-zones, South-East Asia, Europe and USA (SEA, EU and USA)
The first tournament to open is South-East Asia, sign-ups which will be during the morning/day for them.
The second tournament to open up is the European tournament, several hours after that.
And then the USA tournament opens up, several hours after that.

The sign up time will be around 24 hours, so you have that long to consider if you want to play. Players who participate in tournaments receive a significant PvP ranking bonus as well.

All rounds last 48 hours, so you should have enough time to message your opponent and agree on a good time to battle.

Wonderful Prizes:

First Prize: Black Skull Pack (worth 25 Gems)
Second Prize: Terror Walker Level 2
Third and Fourth Prize: 10,000 Iron
Round of 8 Prizes: 2000 Gold
Round of 16 Prizes: 1400 Gold
Round of 32 Prizes: 900 Gold

Coming up after this will be a tournament for all levels if you happen to miss this one, keep practicing your PvP skills because the stakes will be increased in the future!