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04-17-2012, 01:56 PM
The Enforcer
Level 5 Revolver
+20% damage bonus
-15% Cloak on Hit

The Big Earner
Level 1 Knife
+35% cloak on kill
On Miss: Slash yourself in shame

Why was this thread made?

Simple, the recent changes to Enforcer (aka, no random crits), just solidified to me that the only real way to reach Valve, is to literally shower them with spam. So that's why I made this, even thought these ideas have been expressed hundreds of times.

Why the Enforcer changes?

Simple, it'd offer a fair trade off, in exchange for the massive boost in firepower, you trade some of your fleeing power, making it harder to escape in certain scenarios.

Also, with this downside, the dreaded Dr. Enforcicle combo would be severely weakened, while the synergy between the Man of Honor set would be increased. The Knife would restore any cloak lost from firing your gun, and the gun would be an incredibly reliable and powerful self defense weapon.

Why the Big Earner changes?

The Big Earner offers nothing to advanced players, and only appeals to beginners. This is bad for design, as you are left with a weapon that becomes more and more useless as the player gets better, taking up space your inventory and offering nothing but increased risk when you use it, hence the term "underpowered".

The changes would make it so that it appeals to both new and veteran players. New players will enjoy the cloak increase and will learn to get better at their stabs, and, advanced players could perform knife jumping, by slashing and jumping simultaneously.

It offers a lot of for both types of players, and still manages to maintain a fair deal of risk as it's sink or swim. And the advantage isn't too high as cloak gain on kill is only useful in certain scenarios.

Will the Big Earner change cause bleed?

No, the Big Earner will only deal 40 damage to the Spy if he misses the stab. It will not cause bleeding like the Boston Basher.

Will the Enforcer still be abusable with the Dead Ringer?

No, not quite, as you need to full cloak to activate the DR in the first place, so ultimately, using the DR with this new Enforcer would be very risky, but very aggressive. It'd tailor more for IW and CnD users, and less for DR users.

But wouldn't that be unfair to Dead Ringer users?

No, not at all, the Saharan Set for instance was almost specifically tailored for that watch, I see no reason why this set should favor IW and CnD users. And, it's not completely broken, it'd just keep Spies from doing more shooting than stabbing, which is more less what was the main problem people had in the first place.

What's wrong with the Beta Enforcer?

None of the issues with the weapon are addressed, the slower firing speed doesn't mean less DPS, it just means more accurate shots from the Spy as it'll force him to aim rather than spam bullets.

No random crits does nothing as many servers and leagues don't allow random crits, so in those environments, it does nothing. The only way that downside will work is if the weapon already crits in another manner, like the Ambassador, Diamondback, or Frontier Justice.

The downside of not being able see enemy health does not work, because you can still see health while disguised! It doesn't constitute as a nerf if it doesn't actually do what is stated in the bloody description. Don't believe me? Try it yourself, it doesn't work as it should.

Why does the Big Earner need changing?

Cloak on kill is not much of an upside for a few reasons. One, you already get cloak on kill from the weapons the enemy drops when they die. So the upside is pretty much pointless, why get a knife that restores cloak when you already get some back in the first place? Second, the upside loses usefulness as you get better as you learn the map and where the various ammo crates are, which restore vast amounts of cloak, from 20% to 100%.

Plus, with all that said, the -25 Health is a horrible risk. 100 health means Scouts, Soldiers, and Demos can 1 shot you at point blank range, which is the range you need to be in in the first place to stab anyone! >___>

Rate, comment, let Valve know if you want to see these tested!

04-21-2012, 12:51 PM
Great changes, would like to see these in the game, possibility of doing some ideas for the L'etranger and the Diamondback?

06-24-2012, 07:12 PM
If this was implemented and I had enough to buy a name tag, I would rename my enforcer "The reversed-L'etranger". It's that weapon but reversed :/

06-24-2012, 07:30 PM
I still don't like that Big Earner. It's just too much upside, and basher-jumping on Spy just feels very wrong.