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04-18-2012, 08:57 AM
One of the few entertainment venues present on Baggerstown back when it was known as Platform Four and under the Viscountís control, Frannel was smart enough to predict the coming rebellion, and offered his business as a place for the disgruntled workers to meet. When the uprising came, Frannelís Smoking Den was largely untouched, and he had earned the trust of the new air-stationís new leadership. Even during the Viscountís attempt to recapture the platform, the Smoking Den managed to avoid the worst of the fighting.


Though it might look like any other high class club for drinking and gambling, Frannelís Smoking Den offers more than just cards; in Baggerstown almost anything goes. Even when something does cross a line, Frannel is willing and capable of accommodating almost anyoneís desires if they can afford it and are suitably discreet. For payment, information or money serves, and if given a choice Frannel will usually choose the information. He works especially hard to provide entertainment that appeals to the local Atelians who sometimes visit Baggerstown, and for this reason the Smoking Den is usually the first port of call for those who seeking accurate local intelligence about Nomad camps or Baron mining operations.


New visitors to the Smoking Den often find Frannel a surprising character at first Ė charming and eager to please, but always with a pistol within reach. The handgun isnít meant, as some assume, to intimidate patrons. Frannel is well aware that he doesnít cut an especially intimidating figure, and he can easily hire people who do rather than bothering with it himself. Most of his guests are tactful enough to avoid saying anything, but when someone does ask, theyíll find themselves immediately ejected from the premises without a word.

Many people argue (quietly) that Frannel suffers from some kind of paranoid anxiety, that he can keep under control as long as he has a weapon in his hand or at the very least on his person. He is very particular about guests leaving weapons at the door, and only his most trusted staff are allowed to carry arms.

Those who donít know him say he sleeps with a gun in his hand, and that he has a wound in his leg from when he pulled the trigger in his sleep. Those that do hint at enemies from past lives, and talk of death threats from the Venta Erus organized crime syndicate.

Frannel will be generous with his hospitality and information to anyone who can pay, but donít ever expect him to give you his trust.