View Full Version : My only complaint is calling it a sandbox on steam

05-07-2012, 03:08 PM
I am not done with the game yet I have 2 missions left, but I was under the impression this was a sandbox game. A sandbox game to me is like Universe Sandbox where you get a blank canvas and the ability to do whatever.

The challenges are fun (or the missions, whatever). But I'd rather a huge ocean and I can place me a volcano to build land, and make lakes and waterfalls and then place some totems (or you randomly generate them and we must build our way there).

I've not had any fps issues or lag, and I don't mind the internet thing since I have 40mbit cable, but I do think a seperate launch is kind of un-needed.

So.. I got this on steam xmas sale for like $3. Well worth that, but I'd throw $4.99 for a dlc to let me have a real sandbox... maybe $9.99 if it added more missions. I just spent like 3 hours tinkering with this level I beat building a lake half the size of the map and blowing it up and forming lava steps. But I ran out of land and water source eventually... so while you can go back there is a fininte amount of time you can spend on a mission regardless if it says you can play indefinitly. Perhaps, but not in the fashion you may want.

p.s. the cutscenes lacking the ability to be skipped also is annoying.

Mr. Lardass
05-09-2012, 09:23 AM
When you've gotten through the story there is kind of a "sandbox" map to play with. If I remember correctly, you get to place the totems and then you can play around with it quite freely. It's not exactly a huge space to work with, but there's enough room for a couple of mountainranges, a volcano or two, and some river deltas or something like that.

Still, it gets kind of boring after an hour or two, so I would agree that there isn't much content in total. I racked up about nine hours and haven't played it at all for quite a while now. Too bad they didn't include a level editor so we could get some community generated content. Weakest point was the controls though.