View Full Version : Over Population

05-14-2012, 08:29 AM
After a certain time, all my systems become unhappy. According to the tool tips, this is because of overpopulation. What's causing overpopulation so I can stop it from happening, and what do I do about it when it does?


05-14-2012, 08:44 AM
I think overpopulation is simply a result of filling the population capacity of a planet. The closer to capacity the more overpopulation unhappiness. There are plenty of system improvements that counter unhappiness. I think there are 5 improvements that increase happiness and then there are other techs that also have ways of effecting it.

In addition to that there is the option of lowering the tax rate to increase happiness.

In my games my tax rate seems to always be between 15-30%. Generally just high enough to make a profit while maximizing the happiness of the people.