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06-06-2012, 11:28 PM
I bolded the problem the rest isn't really that important...
So I got some mods for Jedi Academy. I used to LOVE this game, bought it when it first came out, as with all the games in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knights series. Unfortunately, about two years ago the discs became too scratched to play. Never used mods back then. Probably because the fact that I could play it over the LAN was so entertaining, especially loading up SP missions and "pretending" to have co-op.
Anyway it seems I can't get any mods that need to be activated in the in-game mods menu to show up in the menu. All other mods work, which is currently two others.
Anyone know a solution? I tried putting the files in multiple places, running jasp.exe as an administrator... :confused:
Anyways, thanks ahead of time for any help! :p