View Full Version : Demoralizers - Totally worth it!

06-07-2012, 08:29 AM
These vehicles are useful in three different roles, and they can usually execute them all at the same time. They are scouts, damage absorbers and enemy damage reducers all at the same time.

Though they donít have a long view range, since they are designed to be very close to the enemy they will provide a visual on them which will allow your long range units to shoot. The enemy often makes them a high priority target, which can save your other less tough units from taking as much fire. However, this should supplement your other scouts, not replace them!


Of course the main feature of the Demoralizer is the demoralization aura that will reduce the effectiveness of all enemy units within range. The more powerful the enemy unit, the more effective the Demoralizer will be. They also work very well against enemy artillery, since you can drive well inside their minimum range and be safe from their fire.

Finally, Demoralizers block LOS Ė they donít block a large enough area to reliably protect your units all the time, but in certain locations and places with a lot of cover, they can greatly reduce the amount of attacks your units have to deal with. Donít base your entire plan on a Demoralizer blocking LOS in a particular way, but donít forget about it either. This is linked to the high HP of the Demoralizers - the AI will often attack them before other things, saving weaker units from taking damage.

06-16-2012, 03:14 AM
Great units. I can't imagine a mission without demoralizer!