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06-19-2012, 12:18 PM
So, this forum section is up for at least 2 hours now, but the game is still not out.

I know that the devs watch the steam forums quite regurarly, so can we have an ETA on the steam release? Or is it in valve's hand now?

An estimate of the price is just as good, if steam price is the same as the price in the devs site, i might just buy it from there, that way all the funds go directly to the devs at least.

06-19-2012, 01:58 PM
Hi! Gamedev Dave here. (Gamedave?)

The Steam launch got delayed for technical reasons beyond our control, but you can still play it on Steam if you want to. Here's how it works.

You won't be able to buy the game on Steam until July 25th. But Steam has given us activation codes so people who buy the game directly from us can PLAY the game via Steam if they want to.

So in a nutshell - buy the game from our website (www.resonance-game.com), and in addition to your regular download link you will be given a Steam code. Pop that code into your Steam client and you can play the game on Steam.

Otherwise, you'll be able to purchase it on Steam on July 25th.

Hope that helps!


06-20-2012, 08:22 AM
Also, you should really buy the boxed a.k.a the collector's edition. I did because they deserve it and there's neat stuff inside! (Plus, you get a download link + steam activation key instantly so you don't have to wait for the box. Awesome!)

What was it, WadjetEye? Shipping begins mid-July or something. Can't wait!

06-20-2012, 03:39 PM
Mid July, yep! Unless there's a delay with the manufacturer.

06-23-2012, 02:11 AM
hello developer!, i am extremely excited to play your game, i will be defiantly buying it on June 25th on steam. :)

06-26-2012, 04:43 AM
As said, you can also buy the game on their website.
I did that and got my Steam-code right away!
And I am looking forward for the shipping of the collectors edition :3.

BTW:The game is great ^^

07-02-2012, 04:28 AM
Didn't realize people were posting here. ;)