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06-28-2012, 01:47 AM
At Rune-World.com, Bringer of Pain and Frozn are proposing a New Rune Tournament (http://www.rune-world.com/content/new-rune-tournament-proposition)! Here is the "gist":

Name- Veteran's Blood (decent name, I would love suggestions regarding better names or whether you're satisfied with this)

Gametype- 1 v 1 Arena (more people would be impossible to manage)

Tournament Style - 2 division ladder, one European; the other, American.

Players - Anyone can join regardless of skill, experience, location, whatever. People around the European area will be in their respective ladder division and the same applies to the Americas. Anyone from veterans to new people just starting to play can join.

Match Setups - For every match except the championship final, rounds are in a first to 15 style. All weapons are available (including shields), maps do not matter)

Championship Round - Essentially the best European division fighter against the American. 30 round format (first to 15 in euro server and then 15 in American)

Match Organization - After people are randomly allotted to a competitive ladder in their division it is their responsibility to meet with their rival in a pretty lenient, hopefully 2-3 week period to fight and post screens as proof of their fight. If this thing gets popular it will have lots of tiers. Also, player disqualification for not fighting in time without alerting coordinators such as myself would be highly possible.

As Bringer of Pain said, "this would bring some serious activity back to an increasing vibrant rune community thanks to the recent steam release."

06-28-2012, 01:52 AM
Frozn just posted this update in the "New Rune Tournament" thread:

Sacraficial_Lamb has allowed us to use his very good Lambshack Forums (http://www.lambshack.org/forums/viewforum.php?f=11) to organize the tournament, simply post your Rune name and you will be signed up:
I've seen people willing to participate in the US division. A European organizer would help get things rolling on their side of the pond. I invite anyone wanting to test their steel against a worthy foe, and although a champion will be crowned in the end, the object of any match is to have fun.
On the US side, we will probably use the Chicago based ToR server, with 2 player slots and 10 spectator slots. Anyone can spectate the match so long as specs keep fairly quiet and don't interfere with the match.
On the EU side, the Er Arena servers seem to give everyone the best ping. The Er clan would be of great help here if they would provide hosting for these matches under similar rules.
Any details you'd like to argue in favor of? Any questions as to how the matches will work? Registration is quick and instant.