View Full Version : How to fix the crashes.

07-13-2012, 06:35 PM
If you crash around the time of the login screen. Here are possible fixes.

1) Problems with the PS3 Eye have been recorded. Uninstall the drivers for your PS3 eye.

2) Verify the integrity of the game cache. When this finished exit steam all-together and make it in XP-SP3 compatibility. Yes, the steam.exe and not the game.

3) Make sure you have IE-9 if you do wish to login. If you crash then, just do not login and play the game that way.

4) Try turning down your graphics in the config.

5) Problems have been recorded with specific sound drivers. VIA is not one of them. Realtek is not either. (I use Via and Realtek and my game does not crash). If you crash try plugging in a USB Headset such a turtlebeach, or USB speakers that use their own drivers, such as logitech speakers.

6) If you tried all of these, retry step 2 after doing all of these.

Things that are safe:
-FRAPS. I use fraps to benchmark this game.
-Steam. I have the steam community active while I play.
-Origin. You can have the origin software loaded.

07-20-2012, 04:29 PM
The crash on startup related to webcam drivers, there is no other way to fix it? I mean, I use my laptop webcam, I can't uninstall the driver just to play the game!