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03-18-2007, 03:48 AM
This is probably question number 1000000 along these lines but I can't for the love of god get this to work.

Here is my setup:

One pc that is supposed to host both a standalone server TFC and my steam client.

The pc is connected to the internet like this:

PC -> Zywall 5 -> ADSL router

The pc:

Windows vista business

HLDS is allowed in firewall (have tried with windows firewall off, makes no difference) and set to port 27016

Steam client is allowed in firewall (and plays fine on the internet and lan) and set to port 27015

PC is automatically assigned a static ip of

The zywall (ip

Ports 27000-27039 and 1200, both tcp and udp, are opened in the following ways:

Lan - Wan, Wan - Lan, Wan - Wan (zywall), Lan to Lan (zywall)

Ports 27000-27039 and 1200 are all forwarded to my pc (ip

ADSL Router:

This one I have to use, unfortunately.

It is set up under NAT to forward ALL ports to the zywall.

Iam however not using the "SUA Full feature" setting.

Command line settings for HLDS:

Admittedly is a bit messy after all my experimenting:

C:\HLServer\hlds.exe -game tfc +ip +port 27016 +exec server.cfg +sys_ticrate 999 +map dustbowl

Any help and input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Jesper K. Boesen

PS: I know this is not a high performance setup but its just for my own fun and perhaps a few players online.

03-18-2007, 04:12 AM
Opservational note 1:

My server ALLWAYS pops up as a lan server to my client. And I can allways connect to it as a lan server.

The server is offcourse set to sv_lan 0 and does authenticate with the master servers.

03-18-2007, 05:25 AM
Issue Fixed... sort of.

FIX 1:

I had forgotten that my adsl router was set to forward all traffic to a former router, namely and not that was the wan ip address of the zywall 5.

In tcp/ip terms my network is the following:

Internet ip of ADSL modem / LAN ip of adsl modem /


Wan ip of zywall / LAN ip of zywall /

LAN ip of server

FIX 2:

Additional opening of these ports.

Incoming UDP to local destination 27015.
Outgoing UDP to remote destination 27010, 27012.
Outgoing TCP to remote destination 5273.
Outgoing TCP to remote destination 7002.

Now I the server still wont show up in the server browser but atleast people will be able to connect to it via my external ip.

Feel free to try it out at:

03-21-2007, 08:11 AM
You can't "see" your own server in the internet public list, because there is no loopback signal on a router. But if people are joining, then you can be certain that the server is shown in the list.

Don't know if your router supports DMT, try putting your server pc in the DMT of your router. Then you should be able to "see" your own server in the public server list.