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04-14-2007, 04:26 PM
Common Server/Router Problems and Fixes
By Cloud_909

If you do not have a router, then you won't have to worry about forwarding ports. Your cable modem is connected directly to your computer. Just run HLDS, pick a UDP Port, and your done.

Unfortunately, some of us with routers encounter problems when running HLDS. Some of these problems are:

-My server does not show up in the server list.
-I cannot connect to my server.
-Other people cannot connect to my server.
-Lag while hosting my server.

Here are some server-related problems you may encounter:

-Lag while hosting my server.
-Map changes are so slow!
-Cannot allocate xxxxx memory.
-Model/Sprite/Sound not found when changing maps.
-You have no access to this command.
-ML_NOTFOUND when executing a AMXMODX command.
-Server not responding while in your server.
-Crashes with no error or a weird error for an unexplainable reason.

These are the most common problems people encounter when running HLDS.
So lets just answer each of the 4 separately.


My Server Does Not Show Up In The Server List

A easier way to determine if your server is "listed" is go to http://www.gametiger.com and search up your IP or the server name. If it doesn't show up, then it will NEVER show up in the master list. If it shows up, that means that everything is fine. If it doesn't show up, then there is nothing you can do about it, if all firewalls are down and all required ports are forwarded, and it still doesn't show up on http://www.gametiger.com then thats too bad. Either get rid of the router or your stuck like that. I blame 60% of this problem on steam, and 40% of it on the router. There is nothing you can do about it. Hopefully Steam will fix this problem. I myself completely disagree about the lower IP's appear more often then higher-end IP's. (xxx.xxx.xxx.255). If you have a static IP, and you forwarded all required ports, and you don't have a firewall there is nothing you can do about it. Do not ask us on the forums how to fix this problem, ask Steam. I can run a server on Call of Duty 2 perfectly fine with the same router that I had 3 years ago when I had this problem. I'm glad I got rid of the router. But I'm not happy that Steam has not fixed this problem yet. If you want to take a chance in trying one of the following, go ahead:

I Cannot Connect To My Server

It is because your trying to connect through your external IP. You should know what your internal IP is since I assume you forwarded your ports, so connect with your internal IP. 192.168.xxx.xxx.

Other People Cannot Connect To My Server

This is because you do not have your required ports forwarded. You need ports 1200, 27000-27015, and 27020-27039 forwarded for people to connect to your server. Make sure the internal IP that you put in while forwarding your ports is correct. Make sure your giving your friends your external IP.

Lag While Hosting The Server

Perhaps the person you are sharing your bandwidth with is downloading or running a P2P client or doing something thats take your bandwidth. You could take a more physical approach and slap that person in the face and turn off their computer, or you could limit their bandwidth usage. Remember, sharing is caring!


Lag While Hosting The Server

Well if you are experiencing lag outside the server is completely fine. That means your players are taking up all your bandwidth. Make sure you are not hosting your server on the same computer you are playing Counter-Strike or other games on in general unless you have a computer that has higher than 1GB of memory and a extremely powerful processor that is able to take on your games and the server at once. Make sure your server is set to HIGH priority. Not realtime! Also, make sure you are not running a server on DSL or dial-up. Cable such as Comcast is fine for 8-16 players. If you have a cable connection, and you wish to run your server at 16 players, refer to this thread on how to make your server bandwidth-efficient. This guy is a bloody genius:
Also, keep in mind that 1 player in your server is equivalent to 35 kilobits. So if your speed is 384kb upload, you should be able to handle about 12 players. Also, if you have 512kb upload, then you should be able to handle about 16 players.

If you have a computer over 1GB of RAM, a 10,000RPM or higher hard drive, and a processor better than a 2.2+ Ghz Pentium IIII, you may be able to run a server a little over 16. The highest I ever achieved with absolutely PERFECT bandwidth settings for Comcast, was about 23-24ish before it started lagging.
Make sure you closed all bandwidth-draining programs such as Kazaa, Bittorrent, Emule, or any P2P programs, do not download on the computer thats running the server, close Firefox, close every single thing that takes bandwidth except for HLDS, make sure its in high priority, then leave the computer and play on your 2nd one.

Map Changes So Slow!

You need more memory in your computer if you less have 512MB of memory and running a server with 12-16 players. If you have more than 512MB then its going good, you might need a bit more if your going to host more than 16 players, 1GB should be plenty. If you have something under a 1.5GHz AMD or pentium then you shouldn't be thinking about running a server over 22 players. 2.2GHz or above would do it. If your hard drive is under 10,000RPM then your map changes should take about 5-10 seconds depending on your other computer specs. If you have a absolutely monster computer, like 2GB of RAM, 2.8+ Ghz pentium IIII, and a 14,000RPM hard drive, then you should be able to handle over 28 players. This is mainly your slow processor or hard drive, or your low on memory.

Cannot allocate xxxxx Memory.

There is a problem with your RAM. Try a different stick of memory, or if you have more than 1 stick of memory in your computer try taking out one, try again, then take out the other one and put the first one back in.

If that fails, try completely reinstalling HLDS, if that fails as well, seek Steam Support for further fixes.

Cannot Allocate Server Port XXXXX

I have these every now and then when I input a major change to the server. What fixes this for me is restarting the computer. If that does not work try restarting again just in case, if both restarts fail to fix the problem, try a different UDP port.

Model/Sprite/Sound Not Found When Changing Maps.

If you added a new map and you get a file not found error, make sure all required files are in their appropriate folders. If you are a map maker and you are testing maps make sure that the .res file is filled out with the directory of where the sound/sprites are. If you want a sound called frog.wav in your map, you would put inside the .res file sound/frog.wav if i remember correctly. Look here for further information:

When a resource file is not found it'll probably just close the server. Run the server again and make sure the resource file is there and the .res file is filled out correctly if its your map, if its not your map, you should contact the maker of the map and tell them they have a .res problem.

You Have No Access To This Command.

If you are running AMXMODX, you did not add your STEAMID correctly to users.ini in configs folder. Or you are not flagged to have that command.

ML_NOTFOUND When Executing A AMXMODX Command

This is because one of the data files are missing. Perhaps you changed the language of AMXMODX. I highly doubt that because AMXMODX comes with data files in English, German, and some other languages. Make sure that if you added a plugin such as Admin All In One or any plugin and adds additional commands you extracted the data files from it to and put it in addons/amxmodx/data/lang. This is not a real problem but it can get quite annoying. If that does not help, make a thread in the support section about the problem at:

Server Not Responding While In Your Server

Either your server is down or crashed or got an error or something, or you lost connection to the internet. Sometimes this will come up when changing maps for slower computers that take over 10 seconds to change your map. If you wait 30 seconds and the map still did not change, the server crashed. If you tried to run it again, and it does not load up, I would go with delete/remove/change back the last thing you did/added.

Crashes With No Error Or A Weird Error For An Unexplainable Reason

If you get a error or no error at all, and HLDS crashes for no reason, just launch it up again, some plugins may crash your server. Especially ones that are very complex and not well written. If you cannot launch your server at all with no error message try reinstalling HLDS. If there is an error message, post it with full details in this thread and I will try to help you. But before you post it here look at the Steam Support section.

NOTE: These statistics come from almost 4 years of hosting a CS server. I have successfully ran over 20 players on my comcast connection with no lag. And I haven't closed my server for months. (It would have been years, but like every server, I need to switch some stuff around, and that requires to reboot my server). And it runs 24/7.

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