View Full Version : Best place to start?

01-21-2008, 10:34 AM
I've been coding for a little bit and am picking up on it pretty well I think. I've been able to clone several of the weapons but they are currently using their original models. I want to start giving them basic, unique models and sounds (nothing fancy, just placeholders to test their functionality) but don't know where to begin. Where should I begin? I've already downloaded XSI but am also (roughly) familiar with Maya. Which program do you folks recommend for ease-of-use? In addition to the weapons' placeholders, I'd also like to start messing with character modelling/texturing/animation as well. What, in your opinions, is the fastest way (note that I didn't say "best") to jump right in and start creating/editing these models? Are there any must-see guides that I'm missing out on?

The last time I looked on the internet (VERC, Interlopers, here, the wiki) for newbie guides to modifying models/anims in HL2, I found zero tutorials that take you from A to B. I found many tutorials for specific actions, but nothing that walks you through modifying/creating a model, setting animation properties, and loading it into the game for an easily perceivable finished product. Thanks to everybody that answers any of my questions.