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12-11-2008, 08:00 PM
I cant find a serious suggestions thread so I will post this thread for mature suggestions that Valve/ Steam/ Source should take into consideration. Please keep in mind that when you post a suggestion for Versus, take into consideration the balance of infected to survivors.

Most of my suggestions will revolve around versus...

Here is a no brainer, Players should have the abilty to chose their prefered survivor and infected, so that way, somebody who like boomers, wont be a hunter and somebody who likes hunters wont be a boomer. This should be done by listing your favorite, 2nd favourite 3rd favourte, ect. This is a must and would simply make the game better.

There is a slight issue with turrets (when you get on sometimes you randomly get kicked off) this needs some attention.


The Hunter is the speed of the infected. Sadly underpaid, but deadly when you stalk your prey. The hunter (when crouched) should be lower to the ground then what the screen currently shows. This would give one a cool, stealthy feel when on builings or behind desks (try to make your hands crawl along the ground with you). Next, what if I constrict a guy (as a hunter OR smoker); but my mate tells me somebody is coming around the corner! Wouldn't it be awsome if I could stop constricting my enemy (realy fast) and leap/ run away (realy quick). This would add more control over the game/ character. Another issue with the hunter is his health. I was told that the computer game allows the Hunter to heal over time, this should happen on the xbox game. This way, you can attack, then run away to fight again (this would go well with the 'Stop constricting' idea). Next, a simple thing that I think should happen when your a Hunter, is being to jump on one wall, stick to it for a few seconds, then jump to another wall, stick to it, ect. This would give the character many more escape options. This would also be better then my next suggestion to simply make the Hunter jump farther/ higher. both of these ideas would give the Hunter and even MORE mobile ability (which is needed).

The Boomer is simply the power (besides Tank). Its like the zombie magnet. My suggestion is to have this infected unkillable when you whack it. That is all, the Boomer was a great success in this game. GOOD JOB!!!

The Smoker or the sniper in this game. Brutal and deadly when on rooftops. The only suggestion is to have the smokers health regenerate because of its vulnerability. Also, take the 'unconstricting' idea from the Hunter for him. because this will give the player a more controlled feeling (i feel when im the Hunter or Smoker. Whenever i constrict somebody, the game feels like it just took over my character and I get detached from the experience). Other then that, Good Job.

Leave the tank, for that thing is brutal and neccassary and well done.

Speaking for ALL the infected now. Whenever I fall off the edge as the infected. you should AUTOMATICLY be return to the blue respawn. This can become a realy big issue. Also, when you die as an infected, instead of being locked in an anoying respawn timer. have you be able to run around and chose your next spawn earlier, but keep the timer so it is fair. This way, the infected will have more time to arrange their attack. If that is to much to ask, at least let us play some tetris while we wait...

Simply for advanced players, have the difficulty changable. But allow custom search to rule this out in ones favor.

Possibly, add the option to only play on one side/team for the whole campaign. Just in case some people prefer Survivors over infected. This mode should have achievments built in so you can earn them this way too.

Also, Add more of the campaign maps to versus (but im sure your already planning that). If what i posted makes the balance lean towards the infected, those guns that you say you will add might even it out.

Thank You, James

PS: lets try to make this the only suggestions thread for the Xbox 360 (you know, to clean up the forums a bit).

12-11-2008, 11:38 PM
The hunter can already walljump. Jump at a wall and turn around in midair. When you feel yourself stop, hit right trigger again. If you're quick you can wall jump.

I am going to proceed to test whether this compiles distance damage.