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06-26-2009, 07:01 PM
I know this episode will have to be epic, as we've been waiting a long time for it's release, and sadly was not at E3.

But before your release, I would suggest to add:
[I will put these in numbers and I would like the fellow steam users to rate these ideas on a basis from 0-10]

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1.) A shove button like in L4D, I'm sure Gordon Freeman could do that.

2.) Running on the L4D engine or better, I'm sure we would like to see Episode 3 running around the graphics of L4D or better.

3.) More weapons? I'm sure the Half life world must have more than the basic weapons... What ever happened to those little bugs you could through in HL1, or that Alien gun, whatever it was. (I Forgot the name because I haven't played it in a while.)
Trip mines? [Suggest some more please :] ]

4.) Portal gun in Episode 3? Off the Borealis? (Not sure how it will be used, or coded, as it will be very difficult to code it so you don't glitch it as through the water)

5.) More aliens and combine creatures. (What about those cut creatures from both HL1 and HL2? )

6.) What about those ichthyosauruses, they are so creepy and mysterious, will we get to fight one in HL2?

7.) Boss Monster like in the end of HL1? (I know HL2 has a story mod to keep up with, but I can't help but be reminded of HL1

8.) What about those green things that came out of the ground and poked you?

9.) Sorry I'm forgetting the names of these creatures, but what about that BLUE GIANT ALIEN from HL1?

10.) Fixed crossbow glitch? (Zoom + save glitch?) Have they fixed it already?

11.) I forgot the name but... You choose the ending? As in there is 2 paths you could take? Or more? (So you can make it replayable) :]

12.) Return of some XEN PLANET aliens? (Although I've said this a billion times)

13.) Return to the XEN WORLD?

14.) Go to the COMBINE home planet?

15.) Be able to control more vehicles? (Helicopters and such? )

16.) Breakable doors like in L4D? (I know Combines can open doors, but zombies? Come on.)

17.) Props that can be picked up and used like in L4D? (Sorry I've been making a lot of L4D references, I've been playing too much of it recently. :P)

18.) Different position of kits, ammo, useful supplies each time to make it replayable?

19.) Opponents popping up sometimes when able to keep the game going, (Like in L4D but not mass hordes, just a few?)

20.) how about a bigger more badass antlion thingy that is like a semi boss or the half way boss

21.) Super Gravity Gun!!!

22.) [Your suggestion here, I will edit it and add your suggestions to be rated by other users]

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P.S. Off Topic... But would anyone else like to see a Blue Shift 2 or an Opposing Force 2?



06-26-2009, 07:06 PM
Also, if some of those ideas are too late to put in HL2:EP3, save it for HL3 please! :]

06-26-2009, 08:24 PM
how about a bigger more badass antlion thingy that is like a semi boss or the half way boss

06-26-2009, 08:27 PM
how about a bigger more badass antlion thingy that is like a semi boss or the half way boss



06-26-2009, 08:31 PM
1)0 - Not much of a use; Gordon has a crowbar. Shoving in L4D is to get multiple melee attackers off of you for a brief moment.

2)10 - Of course.

3)5 - Not in Ep3, but in HL3.

4)0 - No. The portal gun is meant for Portal not Half-Life. Only their story should be intertwined.

5)10 - It should follow the trend their setting.

6)7 - It'd be cool, but Valve probably has a reason for leaving them out of the waters so far.

7)10 - Totally. It'd make for one grand finale.

8)4 - A Tentacle Silo? I don't know, they seem too gimmicky for Half-Life 2. They were made to show off sound detection.

9)3 - A Gargantua! I think all the ones on Earth were all taken out by the military and Freeman.

10)? - what glitch?

11)8 - More non-linear gameplay. It'd be nice, but I'm fine with linear gameplay.

12)0 - The portal between Xen and Earth was closed after the Nihilanth was killed.

13)0 - Many people say it stunk because it was too much like a platformer, and it doesn't fit well with the story.

14)10 - Seems likely and interesting. Could also integrate new gameplay mechanics with it.

15)9 - I doubt you'll control the helicopter, but it'll be fun to run down more combine.

16)8 - It'd be a nice addition, but it'd seem a little weird seeing doors suddenly be more destructible in the Half-Life world.

17)? - You can already do this. Pick up an explosive barrel with the gravity gun or use button and throw it, then shoot it and it'll explode.

18)5 - I don't know. I'm not sure if they'll be able to pull off something like this in Half-Life. L4D things don't always work in HL2.

19)5 - Same as 18.

20)Super Gravity Gun!!!

About the OF2 and BS2: I'd like the see the Half-Life 2 world in a different perspective.

06-26-2009, 08:41 PM
So would I, thanks for the post! :)

06-26-2009, 10:04 PM
Sorry to say, but l4d is running on the source engine, same as half life 2. But yea I agree with the graphics part...

06-27-2009, 12:03 AM
1.) 0
2.) 8
3.) 6
4.) 0
5.) 10
6.) 3
7.) 9
8.) 1
9.) ?
10.) ?
11.) 2
12.) 5
13.) 5
14.) 5
15.) 6
16.) 7
17.) 4
18.) 0
19.) 0 + 4
20.) 7
21.) 2

1.) Shove button
Unneeded. The point for it in L4D is when you have mobs of things that melee you right up on your face. You generally don't have that many zombies on top of you, and even then they don't really slow you down and don't go as fast as the L4D normal zombie fodder.

2.) L4D engine or better
EP3 will probably have it's own engine that's just as good or better.

3.) More weapons
There's a fairly wide selection of weapons already, but I suppose adding one more in each category wouldn't hurt. Keep in mind, the already fairly wide selection has something to cover most situations.

4.) Portal gun
It sounds like a fun idea on paper, but that would kind of remove the gameplay style of HL2. In portal, it was all about traveling over a small area with complex puzzles. In hl2 games it's more about walking through large areas defeating or evading enemies with a puzzle here and there.

5.) More aliens and combine creatures.
I'm sure there will be more awesome stuff.

6.) Ichthyosauruses
Sounds like it would be interesting, not too into the water combat idea myself though.

7.) Boss Monster
Last episode, right? There'll probably be a boss monster.

8.) green things
...Hydras? My vote would be no. Those were annoying.

Don't remember either.

10.) Fixed crossbow glitch?
Not sure what you mean. The SLAM/xbow glitch? Irrelevant to me.

11.) multiple endings
You mean like Shadow the Hedgehog? That would be interesting I suppose... but take quite awhile. For both making the game and playing it. And playing sections repeatedly would get boring, whereas just skipping to the level before the split that you wanted to go on could possibly confuse people on where they are in the storyline. Not to mention they would be skipping parts of the game.

12.) Return of some XEN PLANET aliens?
Again: Same as the more monsters/aliens/combine thing.

13.) Return to the XEN WORLD?

14.) Go to the COMBINE home planet?

15.) Be able to control more vehicles? (Helicopters and such? )
Helicopters / other flying vehicles I recommend against. Other land/water vehicles perhaps though. (Combine APC, anyone?)

16.) Breakable doors like in L4D?
Sounds interesting I suppose.

17.) Props that can be picked up and used
Uh, gravity gun + explosive barrels?

18.) Different position of kits, ammo, useful supplies each time
My suggestion would be a no. The stuff is generally placed around the time you would be needing it as an average player, based on playtesting and whatnot.

19.) Opponents popping up sometimes
Not sure what you mean by this. Perhaps more things like the waiting for father gregori to send the cart instead?

20.) Harder Better Faster Stronger Antlion
I suppose. A halfway boss would be nice.
21.)Super Gravity Gun
What? You mean like the blue one? Not till near endgame, or make it unable to pick up combine/zombies otherwise it would be overpowered. Unless you added like supersoldiers and tanks(from l4d) or something.

06-27-2009, 07:46 AM
Sorry to say, but l4d is running on the source engine, same as half life 2. But yea I agree with the graphics part...

It's an upgraded source engine, I know that... It's called the L4D Source Engine, nicer graphics, would like it used in EP3 or something better. :)

11-08-2009, 03:04 PM
hmm, maybe that animal form HL2 when the teleporter gets interfered with by the headcrab, and you appear in the water and a huge animal is about to eat you, could we have a future boss there?

Or maybe find out WHO in one of the picture frames is crossed out with a red X.