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09-16-2009, 12:41 PM
Thanks for your interest in Jedi Knight / Dark Forces II

A couple key things of note:

Windowed Mode:
Don’t be alarmed when you launch the game and you are in windowed mode.
Only the cutscenes and menus are locked into windowed mode. The gameplay will run in full screen.

Back when the game released, the common WSAD controller layout was not yet standard. From the main menu, goto “Setup/Controls/Options” and then click “Load Configuration”. We included a configuration set called “modern”.

3D Acceleration:
3D Acceleration is disabled by default. On modern videocards results may vary. Try at your own risk! But the game should perform fine in software mode with acceleration disabled.

Changing Resolution:
Make sure that when changing resolutions you only do it from the Main Menu of the game while not in a mission.

Save Often:
The best cure is prevention. F9 is the hotkey for quicksave. Use it frequently.