View Full Version : Accessing Battlefield 2 expansion content

10-13-2009, 07:56 AM
All copies of Battlefield 2 purchased on Steam come with the Special Forces expansion, as well as the Euro Forces and Armored Fury mini-expansions.

To access them, please see the following instructions:

Battlefield 2: Special Forces:

Open Battlefield 2 and log in to your Battlefield 2 account.
Once logged in in Battlefield 2, click the Community Button, then Custom Games.
Select the "xPack" game, which should also be labeled "Battlefield 2: Special Forces" and click Activate in the lower right. You will then be asked to restart the game.
Once restarted, you should have access to Special Forces content. This must be repeated any time you wish to play Battlefield 2: Special Forces.

Battlefield 2: Special Forces alternate solution:
Change the launch options for Battlefield 2 to include the following:
+modPath mods/xpack

Battlefield 2: Euro Forces and Armored Fury:
These mini-expansions may be accessed through the main Battlefield 2 game.

The following maps are from Euro Forces:

"Great Wall"
"Operation Smokescreen"
"Taraba Quarry"

The following maps are from Armored Fury:

"Midnight Sun"
"Operation Harvest"
"Operation Road Rage"