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As much as i like ARPG games, i'd stay away from this one. The devs are french and only seem to support their games in french. I've found patches for both Silverfall games that are released only for the french version of the games, and even if they would ever be translated, with Steam's sketchy patch activities this has disaster written all over it. Steer clear.

Edit: you're right, the original site is only in french (the english stuff is gone) and it seems the forums are no longer there. So much for the staying power of french devs.
Having said all this i do own the first game, Silverfall. That at least has been patched to 1.17 (don't know about the steam version though, i own the retail version). I do kind of like it and have sunk quite some time into it, and not too many problems arose during playtime. I'm however not getting the EA expansion, as far as i can determine that has never been patched before being abandoned.

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