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Strange. I tried the demo from City Interactive, and that looked fine in 1680 x 1050, but this full Steam version remains squeezed in 4:3 aspect with "black bars" on the left and right sides of my screen. How to fix? Me no know.
I found this to be true also. I played the Demo version and the widescreen resolutions showed properly in the 16:9 ratio. With the Steam version and the DVD Retail version when I select a 16:9 resolution, it shows up in a 4:3 ratio, even though my OSD on my monitor shows that it is in 1360 x 768 resolution mode. Seems like the programmers forgot to add the widescreen switch into the game. I also installed the first Combat Wings Game from DVD and the 16:9 resolutions worked fine. The Demo version works fine, the first Combat Wings works fine, the logical conclusion is the programmers forgot something. I emailed City Interactive and explained what I said here, so hopefully they will make a patch or something to fix this issue. If anyone wants to talk with me about this, look me up on Steam.


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