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I got this game just because I needed more of it, I really liked the movie. It's the only movie that has left me thinking about it for more than 20-30 minutes afterwards. I read reviews down at 3/10, but anyways, i decided to get it.

WTF?! was the first thing i though, only 3/10?! This game is one of the most amazing game i have ever tried, my german test is going to suck

I recommend this game to everyone that arent like "OMGZ some problemzzz = total pahil" and if you liked the movie.

Beydamo (spelled like it is pronounced) is a total-douchebag though.

EDIT: The singleplayer left me addicted for it's full length, also played through three times as Na'vi. The multiplayer would have been cool if they removed the NOOBTUBE (grenade launcher)

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